Preparing for Montana Firemen’s Convention

Preparing for Montana Firemen’s Convention

The annual convention of the Montana State Firemen’s Association is to occur in Hamilton, Mont., on August 9 to 11. The opening day comes on the same date as the last day of the convention of the Pacific Coast Association of Fire Chiefs at Wallace, Idaho, and it is probable that a large delegation from this convention will attend. The opening day will be spent at the creamery picnic at Stevensville. On the second day, when the business sessions will start, there will be a trip to Sleeping Child Hot Springs in the mountains, a ball game in the evening and a dance. On the third day there will be a sight-seeing trip through the upper end of the valley to Medicine Hot Springs, another summer resort, and this will be followed by a banquet in the evening. This information is according to advices received from George C. Carmody, who has charge of the local arrangements at Hamilton.

The program, according to Secretary D. E. Moser, Bozeman, Mont., will be as follows:

August 9

Opening of Convention. Grand picnic at Stevensville.

August 10

Morning session of convention. Afternoon, auto trip to Sleeping Child Springs. Ball game. Evening, grand hall.

August 11

Morning session of convention. Address by prominent speakers. Afternoon, auto trip to Medicine Springs. Evening, banquet and closing of convention.

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