Presenting the Champion Fire Buff

Presenting the Champion Fire Buff

Most every one interested in fire fighting matters knows “Jerry” Daly. Members of the New York Fire Department not only know him but they look for him at every large fire in the city for “Jerry” holds the undisputed title of the Champion Fire Buff. He estimated that during the past thirty-five years he has attended at least 3,000 fires.

To the readers of FIRE ENGINEERING he is known as William Jerome Daly. He has contributed many articles on major fires that he has attended and other matters of interest to the fire profession. Officially he is Assistant Secretary of the Board of Transportation and at present is serving on Mayor Walker’s Committee for the Unemployed. Fundamentally he is a fire fan. At his home he has a miniature light house which indicates by means of red flashes the location of boxes pulled. During the war he served as Bronx Borough Chief of the Auxiliary Corps of the Fire Department.

Even During His Leisure Moments Jerry Daly Is Ever Beside His Flashing Fire Alarm Signal

He has a boy fourteen years old and a girl twelve years old, neither very much interested in fires. As Mrs. Daly expressed herself:

“One fire fan in the family is enough!”

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