President Proclaims Fire Prevention Week

President Proclaims Fire Prevention Week

President Harry S. Truman on August 21 designated October 8-14 as “Fire Prevention Week” and called on all Americans “in this critical period” to help keep the nation strong through the prevention of fires which needlessly destroy life and property.

Following is the text of the President’s Proclamation:

“WHEREAS, in this critical period, it is imperative that our country keep itself strong in manpower, productive facilities, and material resources: and

“WHEREAS, preventable fires took a frightful toll last year, resulting in loss of life for some 10,000 of our fellow Americans and permanent disability for countless others; and

“WHEREAS, the destruction of materials and facilities by fire impairs the production of supplies essential to the defense of our country and to the physical welfare of our people: and

“WHEREAS, needless fires also destroy each year an untold amount of irreplaceable natural resources and of private and public property including forests and farms, schools and churches, hospitals, homes, and factories:

Now, THEREFORE, I, HARRY S. TRUMAN, President of the United States of America, do hereby designate the week beginning October 8, 1950, as Fire Prevention Week.

“I suggest that, bearing in mind the present emergency, all of us rededicate ourselves to a year-round campaign against destructive fires in our homes, in our industrial plants, and in our communities generally. I request that State and local Governments, the American National Red Cross, the National Fire Waste Council, the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, business, labor, and farm organizations, churches, schools, civic groups, and the agencies of public information, including newspapers, magazines, and the radio, television, and motion-picture industries, cooperate fully in the observance of Fire Prevention Week. 1 also direct the appropriate agencies of the Federal Government to assist in this crusade against the toll of life and property resulting from fires.”

President Proclaims Fire Prevention Week


President Proclaims Fire Prevention Week

In a recent proclamation, President Roosevelt called upon the people of the nation to observe the week of October 4 as Fire Prevention Week. He urged the cooperation of all the people to eliminate existing fire hazards.

He also called attention to the fact that by further improvement, fire hazards can be eliminated, property damage reduced, and the loss of life by fire eliminated.