The total fire loss in Illinois for April was $1,012,044, caused by 947 fires, acocrding to the monthly report of State Marshal John G. Gamber.

This was a decrease of $251,746 from March. The loss for the first four months of 1920 is $6,238,091, which is a decrease of $140,707 from the same period last year.

The largest losses from known causes in April were: electricity, $93,965; stoves and furnaces, $84,275; sparks on roofs, $76,601; lightning, $63,759; matches and smoking, $39,862; defective flues, $29,258.

As a result of the drive on dilapidated, fire breeding buildings, fifty-three such structures were removed during the month.

A total of 3,832 inspections were made, and fifteen persons were prosecuted for failure to comply with orders.

Investigation of questionable fires resulted in two convictions and three indictments.

Deaths due to burns totaled fourteen, and injuries thirty-six.

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