At Princeton, Ill,, a set of regulations for the city water department has been adopted to go into immediate effect. The regulations say: “Every property using city water within the city limits of said City of Princeton shall have at least one service pipe running from the water main to such property and connected to a standard water meter which shall be first tested by said City of Princeton and installed under the direction of the superintendent of water works of said city. There shall be installed in said service pipe a suitable valve between the meter and the curb box. And also there shall be installed a standard curb box between the meter and the main, with a standard valve therein, to facilitate the turning on and off of the water as required. Said curb box shall be located under the supervision and direction of said superintendent of water works. Under no circumstances will any by-pass or water connection be allowed in any service pipe ahead of any water meter; and in case any such by-pas? shall be found by said city or any employee thereof, the owner or occupant of any such premises having such by-pass or connection shall be immediately notified thereof, and also notified that the same must be abolished within ten days from the date of such notification. And in case of the refusal, neglect or failure to comply with the terms of said notice, the service of water shall be discontinued to such premises or, property, until said by-pass or connection shall be abolished and adjustment made for water consumed through said bypass or connection. In case any water meter is owned by the consumer and shall be reported to the city clerk of said city as being dead or out of repair by any city employee, notice shall immediately be given to such consumer to have the said meter repaired within ten days from the date of such notice. And in case of a refusal, neglect or failure to have such meter repaired within such ten days by such consumer, the service of water to such consumer shall be discontinued until such meter shall have been repaired and tested. If such meter shall be repaired by any person other than the city or its employees, such meter must be submitted to said city for a test as to its accuracy; and after such test and acceptance by said city, the same shall be reinstalled in such premises only under the direction and supervision of said superintendent of water works. The fee for such test shall be fifty (50) cents where no change or alterations are made in such meter. If it shall be necessary to change any gear wheels or other parts of any such meter, a charge shall be made for so doing, to cover the cost of material and labor necessary to make such change or alterations, which said charge shall be made against such consumer owning such meter, or using the same, as said city may. elect, or either of them.

Payment of Bills.

All bills for water shall be payable quarterly in each year, to wit.. January first, April first, July first and October first. And on. all bills for water, if the same shall be paid within ten days after due and payable, a discount of ten per cent, will be allowed. All bills which shall not be paid within thirty days after due and payable shall be designated as delinquent and the water service to any property, the owner or tenant of which shall be so delinquent, shall be immediately discontinued, and shall not be reinstated until such delinquent bill shall have been paid in full, together with an additional sum of two dollars ($2,00) as a fee for turning off water and turning it on again at said premises. In case any consumer shall believe the meter on his or her premises to be registering incorrectly, and request that the same be tested for accuracy, said city will remove such meter from said premises and test the same; and if said meter shall be found to register over two per cent, off from correct, the city wil make such test without any charge to said consumer. But in case any such meter shall be tested by said city as above, and found to be within two per cent, of correct, then a charge of One Dollar and Fifty Cents ($1.50) shall be made by said city against said consumer so requesting a test of such meter, such charge to be added to such consumer’s next succeeding bill for water. And in case upon such test being made as above, such meter shall be found to be incorrect more than two per cent, as above stated, said city shall adjust such meter to register correctly before the same shall be reinstalled; and if such meter shall be the property of the consumer, a charge shall be made for such adjustment against said consumer, and collected as provided in the next preceding section. In all cases of new installation of water service, the city will furnish a standard meter to such consumer at cost. And after the payment therefor by such consumer, such consumer may, if he or she desire, transfer the ownership ‘of such meter to said city, and thereafter there shall be no charge for the maintenance of such meter against such consumer. All consumers owning their meters will be charged for any and all repairs on such meters, respectively, made by said city. But no charge shall be made against the consumer in case the meter in the premises of such consumer is the property of the said city. Whenever it shall become necessary to repair any of the wrought iron service pipes leading from the water main to the property of any person within said city, the city shall remove such wrought iron pipe extending from the water main to the curb-box and replace the same with lead pipe running no less than three. (3) pounds to the lineal foot in the case of 5/8-inch pipe, and as strong in proportion to size for any larger sized pipe. All to be done at the cost and expense of the said city. And where lead pipe is substituted for wrought iron pipe as above by said city, the owner or consumer of the property to which said service pipe leads shall immediately at his or her own cost and expense, cause to be removed the wrought iron pipe leading from the curb box to the meter on said premises, and substitute therefor extra strong lead pipe from such curb box to said meter. The same to be installed by a competent plumber who shall then and there hold a valid permit to do plumbing within the limits of said city.

Repairing City Meters.

No person not then and there an employee of said city, shall under any circumstances, repair any meter then and there the property of said city. No person not then and there an employee of said city, shall open any curb box within said city, nor turn off the water or turn on the water by means of the valve located therein tinder any circumstances, except by special permission so to do, which special permission may be given by the superintendent of water works; shall he not be available and the case be urgent, such special permission may be obtained from the Commissioner of Public Property at his option. Whenever it shall become necessary to renew the stop cock between the meter and the curb box in any service pipe the same shall be replaced by a standard stop and waste globe valve to be designated by said city, and which may be procured from said city at cost. Where a water consumer desires to close, his premises temporarily or the same is vacated by a tenant, it shall be the duty of the owner of said premises to notify the superintendent of water works of said city of such fact and request that the city water be shut off at the curb box. And when such premises shall be again occupied such owner shall notify said superintendent thereof and request that the city water be turned on. For which service said citv shall charge the sum of one dollar, being the sum of fifty cents for turning off the water and fifty cents for turning on the water. And in such case the minimum charge of one dollar for each three months water service shall be waived by said city.

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