Priorities for Fire Alarm Equipment

Priorities for Fire Alarm Equipment

The present status of priorities for fire alarm equipment is indicated by the following letter sent by the War Production Board, Government Division to Mr. William H. Greenlaw, Chairman, Signal Systems Operating Methods Committee of the International Municipal Signal Association, Inc., New York, New York:

“In accordance with an agreement reached at a recent meeting between your Committee and representatives of this office, I am outlining below the points which should be covered by municipalities in the submission of requests for extensions of present alarm systems. I feel that this will apply equally to the alarm systems used by fire and police departments.

“1. A diagram of present systems, preferably on a city map, showing present locations and proposed extensions.

“2. A statement as to the total amount of material involved, including cable, wire, boxes, etc.

“3. An indication of whether any of the above material is on hand, and, in the case of cable and wire, whether the installation has already been made.

“4. Any other general information as to the character of the area to be served by the new installation and the number of telephones which could be used as an alternate means of communications.

“5. Any other pertinent information regarding the need for the new installation.

“It does appear logical to approve urgent requests for installations of boxes where a minimum of other critical materials, principally cable, is involved.

“Sincerely yours,

“Malcolm G. Bardwell, Acting Director “Government Division “By: I.ouis W. Lipscomb, Chief “Public Protection Branch”

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