Privileges Accorded to Police and Fire Departments.

Privileges Accorded to Police and Fire Departments.

The following is a consensus of the regulations adopted by street railway companies in a number of cities in regard to free transportation of policemen and firemen:

Boston—Policemen in full uniform ride free when standing on the platform, but not more than two are allowed to ride free on any one car.

Chicago—Policemen in uniform ride free, and some in citizen’s clothes ride on complimentary tickets.

Pittsburgh—Police and firemen ride free all over the lines.

Detroit—Books of 100 tickets are issued to policemen for twenty-five cents.

New York—With one or two exceptions the surface railroads permit two uniformed policemen to ride free on the front platforms of cars.

Brooklyn—All officers in uniform are allowed to ride free on any street car in the city, but the number on any one car must not exceed five. Captains, detectives and sergeants are given books of tickets and yearly tickets.

Philadelphia—Policemen in uniform ride free ; no other privileges are allowed.

Central & North River Railroad, New York—Charges for packages ; no concessions to firemen ; two policemen allowed to ride free.

Twenty-third Street Railroad, New York—Policemen in uniform, up to two, free.

Cleveland City Cable Railroad—No concessions to firemen; policemen in full uniform ride free.

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