Production of Cast Iron Pipe

Production of Cast Iron Pipe

The department of commerce has issued the following statement of cast iron production for 1914: A preliminary statement of the general results of the 1914 census of manufactures with respect to the cast iron pipe industry has been issued by Director Sam. L. Rogers, of the Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce. It consists of a statement of the quantities and values of thfc various classes of cast iron pipe and fittings manufactured, prepared under the direction of Mr. William M. Steuart, chief statistician for manufactures. The figures are preliminary and are subject to such change and correction as may become necessary upon further examination of the original returns. Reports were received from 09 establishments that manufactured cast iron pipe in 1914, the total products of which for the year were valued at $27,574,773. Of these 09 establishments, the principal business of 01 was the manufacture of cast iron pipe and fittings, while the remaining 8, which were engaged primarily in other lines of manufacture, produced cast iron pipe as a subsidiary product. The statistics given in the text of this summary cover the production of the entire 09 establishments. At the census of 1909 there were reported 52 establishments, with products valued at $29,153,723, but detailed statistics of products are not available. The number of establishments in 1914 was greater by 9 than the number reported in 1909, but the total value of products decreased by 9.0 per cent, during the five-year period. The cast iron product of 1914 comprised 1,092,808 net tons, valued at $25,391,714, consisting of 880,550 tons of gas and water pipe and fittings, valued at $19,218,006, and 211,052 tons of soil and plumbers’ pipe and fittings, valued $0,173,708. The gas and water pipe output was made up of 802.907 tons of bell and spigot pipe, valued at $10,228,587; 25,192 tons of flanged pipe, valued at $045,707; 12,011 tons of culvert pipe, valued at $240,527; and 40,386 tons of fittings, valued at $2,097,185. In addition, there were produced 20,199 tons of castings other than pipe and fittings, valued a $741,381, and products other than castings, valued at $1,441,078. Of the 09 establishments reported for 1914, 20 were located in Alabama, The comparative statistics for 1914 and 1909 are summarized in the following statement:

Manufacture of Cast Iron Pipe—Comparative Statistics; 1914 and 1909.

(Tons of 2,000 pounds.)

Establishments and Value of Products.

Number of establishments:

1914 . *61

1909 . 52

Per cent, of increase. 17.3

Total value of products:

1914 . *$26,546,090

1909 . $29,153,723

Per cent, of decrease. 9.6

Products in Detail, 1914.

Cast Iron Pipe and Fittings:

Tons . *1,052,601

Value . *$24,363,031

Gas and water pipe—

Tons. 866,936

Value. $18,862,835

Bell and Spigot pipe—

Tons . 796,694

Value . $16,063,374

Flange pipe—

Tons . 19,883

Value . $493,047

Culvert pipe—

Tons . 10,952

Value . $245,452


Tons . 39,407

Value . $2,060,962

Soil and plumbers’ pipe and fittings—

Tons . 185,565

Value .. $5,500,196

All other castings;

Tons . 26,199

Value . $741,381

All other products, value. $1,441,678

*In addition, 8 establishments engaged primarily in the manufacture of products other than cast-iron pipe made 38,7117 tons of cast-iron pipe and fittings, valued at $1,028,083.

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