Kingfisher Medical's ROVER

>> Kingfisher Medical’s ROVER™ (RAPID ONSET VIOLENCE EMERGENCY RESPONSE) gives the incident commander not only what he needs to gather information and make critical life-saving decisions but also the equipment needed to rapidly assess and intervene when necessary. Each case also contains patient extrication devices that aid in the rapid removal of patients from a warm zone. The kit is designed to be deployment ready and allow EMS and fire officials to immediately ascertain scene specific information, start an initial unified command with law enforcement officials on scene, and make appropriate decisions in a timely manner. (614) 568-4000.


>> Key Fire Hose’s KEY TYPE 2 FORESTRY HOSE is the latest evolution in lightweight attack hose for forestry fire applications. Key Type 2 features an all-polyester durable hose jacket with a lightweight polyurethane high-tensile strength liner. Coated with our exclusive blend of high-visibility polyurethane-based polymer for added abrasion and heat resistance, Key Type 2 is available in 50- and 100-foot lengths in one- and 1½-inch diameters. Key Type 2 is the only U.S. manufacturer to be first article tested and approved for the USDA Forestry department. (800) 447-5666.


>> RAM®’s INTELLISKIN™ with GDS™ technology for the Samsung Galaxy sets a new standard in tablet and smartphone mounting and protection. The IntelliSkin™ offers swift, one-handed operation ideally suited for public safety professionals requiring quick and easy access on the move. The IntelliSkin™ features an integrated connector which is molded directly into the skin, which prevents damage to the connector on your device from repetitious docking and undocking. On the exterior of the skin are molded ruggedized docking contacts designed for repetitive docking and undocking common in field applications. Paired with the universal Tough-Dock™, your system will be scalable with the evolution of devices. (206) 763-8361.


>> ESS EYE SAFETY SYSTEMS, INC.’S REMEMBER 9.11 LINE was created in recognition of the continued sacrifices made by military, law enforcement, EMS, and firefighting professionals. When purchased directly from ESS, the company will donate 25 percent of sales to the Stephen Siller “Tunnel to Towers” Foundation, whose charitable works support these heroes and their families. The four Remember 9.11 sunglasses include the 5B/White Frame, 5B/Gray Frame, and CDI/Black, and CDI/Max Black. Each includes ballistic mirrored lenses with a custom “REMEMBER 9.11” lens etching,as well as a U.S. Flag Microfiber sunglass bag.

Hannay Reels' F Series Features Painted Steel Booster Reel

>> Hannay Reels’ F Series Features Painted Steel Booster Reel is a rugged, dependable hose reel ideal for small fire and crash situations. The design includes gear-driven crank rewind and pinion brakes. This series also offers optional “Super Booster” aluminum construction which weighs up to 30 percent less than the standard booster reel. Can handle pressures of up to 1,000 psi (69 bar) and accommodates temperatures from -60°F to +250°F (-51°C to +121°C). Rollers and roller-mounting brackets are accessory items. (877) 467-3357.


>> FLIR Systems’ PATHFINDIR II THERMAL NIGHT VISION SYSTEM provides automated detection and alerts of pedestrians and animals so drivers can see hazards sooner, react faster, and stay safer on the road at night from up to four times farther away than with just the vehicle’s headlights. Building on the success of the original PathFindIR, PathFindIR II adds a unique nighttime pedestrian detection feature that can be configured to automatically display alarms that alert drivers when the system detects a person nearing or crossing the vehicle’s path. PathFindIR II installs easily in a wide variety of first responder vehicles. (844) 283-5471.

Husky® Portable Containment's FOLDING FRAME TANK RACKS

>> Husky® Portable Containment’s FOLDING FRAME TANK RACKS feature all stainless steel construction with a manual release mechanism. These lightweight, sturdy racks are designed for easy installation and removal and placement of tanks. Installation can literally take only minutes. Send us pictures of your tanker and we will design a portable tank rack for you. Diamond plate wind breaks are optional (contact us for details). Feature rubber padding to protect your tanker. All standard and custom sizes available. Optional painting to match truck. Easy installation. (800) 260-9950.


>> XRT Power Systems’ MATRIX SYSTEM® can be installed without any chassis or drivetrain modifications, saving you installation time, money, and space. Their PTO-powered hydraulic pump can produce ample power to run two hydraulic rescue tools at the same time running from 100-foot reels. This system has even been tested at lengths up to 200 feet. You also have the ability to power a 5.5kW SmartPower® hydraulic generator. This is especially unique; no other system can provide generator power AND rescue tool power all at the same time without any truck modifications. (781) 639-7125.

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