Prof. Ira H. Woolson Dead From Stroke

Prof. Ira H. Woolson Dead From Stroke

Prof. Ira H. Woolson, known throughout the country for his work in improving the building codes of the numerous municipalities, and for bis books on building construction and protection, died on Sunday, May 8, at Chicago from an apopletic stroke.

For the past seventeen years, he had been consulting engineer for the committee on Construction of Buildings of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. Previously he had been adjunct professor of civil engineering at Columbia University. Herbert Hoover, Secretary of Commerce, had appointed him chairman of the building code committee of the Department of Commerce.

Professor Woolson was born on August 11, 1856, in Niagara County, N. Y. He graduated from the Columbia School of Mines in 1885. After serving on the New’ Jersey Geological Survey for two years he returned to Columbia as assistant in drawing.

In 1891 he became official testing engineer for fireproof materials in the university, and in the same year established the laboratories for that work. He remained at Columbia until 1910, when he was named official investigator of building materials for New York City. He had made the tests for fire resistance of structural materials for the city’ ever since then.

During 1910 he was named by the National Board of Fire Underwriters as its consulting engineer. In 1918 he served as a consulting engineer with the War Industries Board.

On invitation of Governor Alfred E. Smith, of New York, Professor Woolson made a survey with the state architect of all the State hospitals, and for this work received warm commendations.

For many years he was a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and of the American Society for Testing Materials. In the latter society he was Chairman of many committees

Professor Woolson wrote much on building codes, his works being standard all over the country. He was the author of “Recommended Building Code,” “Standard Ordinance for Chimney Construction,” “Code of Suggestions for Construction and Fire Protection of Dwelling Houses” and “Code of Suggested Ordinances for Small Municipalities.”

Mrs. Woolson, his wife, was with him w’hen he died. Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon, May 12, in St. Paul’s Chapel, Columbia University.

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