Program, 30th Annual Meeting, N. F. P. A.

Program, 30th Annual Meeting, N. F. P. A.

The thirtieth annual meeting of the National Fire Protection Association, International, is to be held in Vernon Room, on the second floor of Haddon Hall, Chalfonte-Haddon Hall Hotels, Atlantic City, N. J., on May 10 to 13. Registration commences on Monday, May 10, at 9 a. m., and there is a reception committee, under the chairmanship of Percy Bugbee, to attend to the wants of all members and help extend acquaintanceship among the members. In the program which follows the reports printed with an asterisk (*) are preprinted as “advance reports,” and they will not be read at the meetings. The program is as follows:


Committee Meetings

Several committee meetings will be held Monday morning, interested members are invited to attend the following:

10.00 a. m. Fire Prevention Week.

10.00 a. m. Dust Explosion Hazards.

10.00 a. m. Hazardous Chemicals and Explosives.

10.30 a. m. Manufacturing Risks and Special Hazards.

11.00 a. m. Pyrotechnics.

12.00 m. Salvaging Operations.

Opening Session, 2.30 p.m. Sharp.

1. Roll Call—2.30 p. m.

2. President’s Address—2.35 p. m.

3. Resolutions—Appointment of Committee—2.50 p. m.

4. Report of the Executive Committee—2.55 p. m.

5. ‘Treasurer’s Report—3.05 p. m.

6. Report of the Secretary—3.10 p. m.

7. Membership Committee Report—3.30 p. in. Charles E. Meek (New York), Chairman.

8. Canadian Committee Report 3.45 p. m. George H. Greenfield (Montreal), Chairman.

9. Public Information Committee Report—3.55 p. m. Franklin H. Wentworth (Boston), Chairman.

10. Report from U. S. Joint Fire Prevention Committee—4.15 p. m. Frank C. Jordan, Chairman. Jay W. Stevens. ViceChairman. American Water Works Association : A. W. Cuddeback, J. E. Gibson, Nicholas S. Hill, Jr., Harry F. Huy, F. C. Jordan. International Association of Fire Engineers: Sherwood Brockwell, George L. Johnson, J. J. O’Brien, R. J. Scott, J. W. Stevens. National Fire Protection Association: Geo. W. Booth, H. A. Burnham, H. L. Miner, Franklin H. Wentworth, Sidney J. Williams.

11. Report from Canadian Joint Fire Prevention Committee— 4.25 p. m. W. H. Aldcrson, Chairman. George F. Lewis, Secretary. Canadian Manufacturers’ Association: W. H. Aldcrson, George Brigden, Arthur Hewitt. Canadian Division, American Water Works Association: Wm. Gore, A. U. Sanderson, Norman R. Wilson. Dominion Association of Fire Chiefs: James Armstrong, A. C. Cameron, Wallace T. James. National Fire Protection Association: George H. Greenfield, John B. Laidlaw, George F. Lewis.

12. Five-minute Reports from Organization Members on Their Fire Prevention Activities—4.35 p. in.

13. Motion Pictures to be taken of all Members and Delegates Present—5.30 p. m.

Evening Session, 8 o’clock

14. Hazardous Chemicals and Explosives Committee Report— 8.00p. m. A. H. Nuckolls (Chicago), Chairman.

This committee presents minor revisions to the Regulations Governing Nitro-Celluloae Motion Picture Film. There is also presented as a tentative report a table of the common hazardous chemicals, including data on the fire and life hazard, recommended methods of storage, shipping containers and Interstate Commerce Commission label. This table has been prepared in cooperation with the American Chemical Society.

15. Pyrotechnics Committee Report-—8.15 p. m. Geo. W. Elliott (Philadelphia), Chairman.

This report will discuss the fire and life hazard incident to the use of fireworks on the Fourth of July and for other celebrations.

16. Reports from N. F. P. A. Representatives on Committees of the American Engineering Standards Committee—8.30 p. m. (a) A. R. Small. A. E. S. C. Executive Committee; (b) Ira Hoagland, Identification of Piping Systems: (c) C. J. Kriegcr, Zinc Coating of Iron and Steel; (d) D. J. Price, Conveyors and Conveying Mnchinery.

Representatives on other A. K. S. C. committees will report later in the program when N. F. P. A. committee reports on related subjects are being discussed.

17GasesCommittee Report—8.55 p. m. H. E. Newell (New York), Chairman.

This committee presents revisions of the regulations for gasoline vapor lighting systems and also submits for tentative adoption the proponrd Regulations on Compressed Gas for Lighting and Heating, which have been presented as a progress report during the past two years. In connection with this report the chairman of the committee will present his reports as N. F. P. A. representative on the American Engineering Standards Committee, Sectional Committees on Gas Safety Code and on Mechanical Refrigeration Safety Code.

18. Dust Explosion Hazards—Committee Report—9.15 p. m. D. J. Price (Washington), Chairman.

This committee presents minor revisions applicable to several of the regulations tinder its jurisdiction and presents for final adoption the Regulation for the Prevention of Dust Explosions in Starch Factories, which were tentatively adopted last year. The chairman of the committee will make a statement of the action taken in submitting the reports of this committee for registration as A. E. S. C. standards, the N. F. P. A. acting as joint sponsor with rhe U. S. Department of Agriculture.

19. Eire Prevention Week—Committee Report—9.35 p. m. T. Alfred Fleming (New York). Chairman.

This report and the discussion following will deal with the accomplishments of Fire Prevention Week, 1925, and plans for the 1926 campaign. 20. Adjourned Discussion—10.00 p. m.


Morning Session, 9.45 Sharp.

21. Flammable Liquids—Committee Report—9.45 a. m. H. L. Miner (Wilmington, Del.), Chairman; H. E. Newell (New York), Secretary.

This committee presents revisions in the Regulations on Oil Burning Equipments. The feature of special interest is the proposed permission in domestic oil burning equipments to permit 275 gallon tanks (with certain specified safeguards) to feed burners by gravity flow, whereas the previous limit was 60 gallons. A similar recommendation was made in last year’sreport, but was not adopted by the Association at that time. A progress report on gasoline tank trucks is presented for the purpose of securing criticisms that will he helpful to the committee during the ensuing year.

22. Laws and Ordinances—Committee Report—Suggested Flammable Liquids Ordinance—10.20 a. m. Franklin H. Wentworth (Boston), Chairman.

This committee presents the suggested ordinance for the use. handling, storage and sale of flammable liquids, revised in accordance with the recommendations of the Committee on Hammablc Liquids. The section dealing with the location of above-ground storage tanks has the unanimous approval of the Committee on Flammable Liquids.

23. Fire Protection of Oil Properties—10.40 a. m. Address by C. H. Haupt (Member N. F. P. A.), Chief Engineer, Standard Oil Company of New Jersey.

24. Manufacturing Risks and Special Hazards—Committee Report a. m. Jos. G. Hubbell (Chicago), Chairman.

This committee presents a revised report on paint spraying and spraybooths which in its original form appears as a section of the Regulations on Dip Tanks, edition of 1922. The present revisions are intended to make these rules applicable to pyroxylin finishes as well as to ordinary paints and varnishes. The committee also presents revisions in the Regulations on Foam Extinguisher Systems and makes mention of the brochure on Lumber and Lumber Drying including steam jets.

25. Protection of Records—Committee Report—11.35 m. H. P. Weaver (Philadelphia), Chairman.

This report contains specifications for vaults (both ground and structuresupported) and vault doors. The report also goes further into the subject of destruction of records no longer useful, the question which was discussed in some detail in the 1925 report.

26. Adjourned Discussion—12.05 Pm.

Afternoon Session, 2.30 o’clock

27. Salvaging Operations—Committee Report—2.30 p. m. Edward R. Hardy (New York). Chairman.

This committee, which has not previously reported to the Association, will present a progress report.

28. Round Table Discussion—Problems of the Fire Commissioner —2.40 p. m.

Ten-minute addresses by leading fire commissioner on topics of current interest will be followed by general discussion open to all members and guests present.

29. The N. F. P. A. Field Service—-3.50 p. m. (a) Report by Percy Bugbee, Field Engineer; (b) Report by H. L. Blond, Field Engineer.

30. Hose Cart Operation Contest—5.15 p. m. In Yard of Hotel Chalfonte.

8.00p. m. Meeting of Committee on Farm Fire Protection. Organization meeting to outline the scope of the work of this new committee and to lay out a program. All interested members are invited to attend.


Morning Session, 9.45 Sharp.

31. Building Construction—Committee Report—9.45 a. m. Chasi E. Paul (Chicago), Chairman: F. H. Alcott, Jr. (New York), Secretary.

This committee reports on standard industrial buildings, presenting a general introduction and sections dealing with heavy timber and concrete construction. Other divisions of this subject are deferred until next year s report.

32. Protection of Openings in Walls and Partitions—Committee Report—10.10 a. m. J. A. Neale (Chicago), Chairman.

This report presents minor amendments to the Regulations on Protection of Openings in Walls and Partitions Against Fire.

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Program, 30th Annual Meeting, N. F. P. A.

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33. *Specifications for Fire Tests—Committee Report—10.20 a. m. Ira H. Woolson (New York), Chairman.

This committee is a Sectional Committee of the American Engineering Standards Committee for which the N. F. P. A. is one of the several joint sponsors, the other sponsors being the American Society for Testing Materials, the U. S. Bureau of Standards and the Fire Protection Group, including the Associated Factory Mutual Fire Insurance Companies, the National Board of Fire Underwriters and Underwriters’ Laboratories. The report presents a revision of the standard time temperature curve and test specifications which were originally adopted by the N. F. P. A. at the 1918 annual meeting.

34. Farm Fire ProtectionCommittee Report—10.30 a. m. D. J. Price (Washington), Chairman.

This newly organized committee will present a preliminary report outlining it plans for future action.

35. *Safety to Life—Committee Report—10.40 a. m. Sidney J. Williams (Chicago), Chairman; R. S. Moulton (Boston), Secretary.

This committee with enlargement of its personnel acts as the Building Exits Code Committee of the American Engineering Standards Committee. This report presents new material on hospital fire and exit drills, submits for adoption a revised section on hospital exits and with minor revisions in other parts of the code code asks authority to submit the code as revised to the A. E. S. C.

36. Piers and Wharves—Committee Report -11.10 a. m. Charles H. Fischer (New York), Chairman.

This committee presents an informative report discussing the fire experience on pier and wharf property since the adoption of the Regulations on Piers and Wharves at the 1924 annual meeting.

37. *Marine -Committee Report11.20 a. m. Samuel D. McComb (New York), Chairman; A. J. Smith (New York), Secretary.

The committee presents revisions in the table of hazardous commodities and in the rules for internal combustion engines adopted last year and submits other minor revisions on which action is requested preparatory to printing a 1926 edition of the Regulations on Marine Fire Hazards. The chairman of the committee will report to the Association in his capacity of N. F. P. A. delegate to the American Marine Standards Committee. At the same time a report will be made on the A. E. S. C. Committee on Electrical Installations on Shipboard, S. D. McComb and A. R. Small, N. F. P. A. representatives.

38. U. S. Government Service to the Merchant Marine—11.55 a. m. Address by Hon. J. Walter Drake, Assistant Secretary, U. S. Department of Commerce.

39. Adjourned Discussion—12.20 a. m.

Special Marine Program

At Atlantic City Yacht Club situated at the Inlet. (About twenty minutes walk from Chalfonte-Haddon Hall.) Busses will be available for those who wish to ride and will leave ChalfonteHaddon Hail at 2 p. m.

2.15 p. m Assemble at Yacht Club for inspection of fire protection equipment of U. S. Coast Guard Cutter, patrol boats and new fireboat “Port Houston” built for the city of Houston.

2.45 P. m. Members board Coast Guard Cutter at Yacht Club Wharf for trip off shore to witness fire drill on board and pumping demonstration by fireboat “Port Houston.”

3.45 p. m. Return to Yacht Club.

4.00 p. m. Demonstration of marine fire protection appliances at ball park (adjacent to Yacht Club) under auspices of the Atlantic City Fire Department.

Motion Pictures, 8.30 p.m.

(a) Hot Sparks. One-reel “Cameo” comedy, Educational Films, Inc.

(b) Arson. Film of Glens Falls Insurance Co. (Member N. F. P. A.)

(c) California Oil Fire. News film.

(d) Special Film contributed by Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (Member N. F. P. A.). Fire Prevention Messages from and pictures of members attending the convention.

(c) Hot Stuff, Two-reel “Spat Family” comedy. Pathe film.


Morning Session, 9.45 o’clock

40. Electrical Field Service—9.45 a. m. A. R. Small (New York), Chairman.

This committee directs the policies of the N. F. P. A. Electrical Field Service and will report briefly on the developments during the first year which this service has been in operation. A more detailed report will be made by the Electrical Field Secretary as the next item on the program.

41. Report of Electrical Field Secretary, W. J. Canada—9.55 a. m.

42. ’Electrical Committee Report -10.20 a. m. A. R. Small (New York), Chairman.

This committee functions as a Sectional Committee of the American Engineering Standards Committee having jurisdiction over the National Electrical Code. This report presents revisions in the 1925 Code.

43. Reports of N. F. P. A. Representatives, A. E. S. C. Committees— to.45 a. m.

(a) Electrical Safety Code, W S. Boyd.

(b) Insulated Wins and Cables other than Telephone and Telegraph, A. H. Nuckolls.

(c) Radio, R. B. Shepard.

44. Fflectric Power Houses -Committee Report—10.55 a. m. A. M. Schoen (Atlanta), Chairman.

This new committee organized during the current year will present a progress report discussing plans for future action.

45. Electric Railway Car Houses and Cars—Committee Report— 11.05 a. m. A. M. Schoen (Atlanta), Chairman.

This committee completed last year Regulations on Electric Railway Car Houses and C ars, but has been continued in order to give further attention to this and related subjects. The report presented will be informative.

46. Protection Against Lightning—Committee Report—11.15 a. m. A. M. Schoen (Atlanta), Chairman.

This committee having jurisdiction over the Lightning Safety Code coordinates the work of the N. F. P. A. and the committee of the American Engineering Standards Committee on the same subject. Chairman Schoen will report as N. F. P. A. representative to the A. E. S. C. committee.

47. *Signaling Systems—Committee Report—11.25 a. m. A. C. Hutson (New York), Chairman.

This committee presents revisions to the Regulations on Municipal Fire Alarm Systems and completely revised rules on Protective Signaling Systems.

48. Adjourned Discussion—12.00 m.

THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 13 Final Session, 2.15 p.m.

49. *Automatic Sprinklers—Committee Report—2.15 p. m. F. B. Quackenboss (Nashville), Chairman.

This committee presents amendments to the Sprinkler Regulations.

50. *Fire Pumps-—Committee Report—2.30 p. m. Ezra E. Clark (Boston), Chairman.

This committee presents amendments to the Regulations on Centrifugal Fire Pumps and Electrical Driving of Fire Pumps, including a new appendix on methods of determining suction pipe sizes.

51. *Field Practice—Committee Report—2.45 p. m. H. P. Smith (Hartford), Chairman.

This report includes revised Regulations for the Construction and Equipment of Hose Houses for Mill Yards, proposed amendments to the Regulations for the Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems and minor amendments to the Regulations for First Aid Fire Appliances.

52. Private Fire Supplies from Public Mains—Committee Report— 3.10 p. m. H. A. Burnham (Boston), Chairman.

This committee presents a progress report on its current work.

53. Hydrants, Valves and Pipe Fittings—Committee Report—3.15 p. m. C. W. Mowry (Boston), Chairman.

This committee presents an informative report discussing current activities. The chairman of the committee will report to the Association in his capacity of N. F. P. A. representative to Sectional Committees of the American Engineering Standards Committee on Pipe Flanges and Fittings and on Cast Iron Pipe.

54. *Tanks—Committee Report—3.25 p. m. C. D. Abbott (Boston), Chairman.

This committee presents a comprehensive report on gravity and pressure tanks, towers, etc., being a complete revision of the previous regulations on this subject and including new matter on the heating of tanks.

55. Report of Committee on Resolutions—3.45 p. m.

56. New Business.

57. Report of Nominating Committee and Election of Officers.

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