Program, Colorado Firemen’s Convention

Program, Colorado Firemen’s Convention

The Colorado State Firemen’s Association is to hold its annual convention and tournament at Sterling, Colo., on July 2, 3 and 4. The arrangements for the convention, according to Secretary J. F. McCormack, of the association, are complete and several men of prominence will address the convention. There will be a talk on Fire Prevention by W. S. Rathburn, Engineer of the Mountain State Inspection Bureau. The full program is as follows:

FIRST DAY—Monday, July 2

9:00 A. M.—Convene—America. Invocation—Rev. C. O. Thibodeau. Address of Welcome—lion. H. B. Swedlund, Mayor. Response—Chief Henry V. Davis, Jr. Appointing—Resolutions Committee. Address— Rev. Walter C. Rundin, Vice-President Nebraska State Firemen’s Association. Reading of Topics. Water Pressures—President Dan J. McQuaid. Electricity and Its Relation to Fire-Fighting—Edw. L. Layne Announcing Tournament Officials.

AFTERNOON—1:15 P. M., Fire Run; 1:30 P. M., 100-Yard Dash; 1:40 P. M., Coupling Contest; 2:00 P. M., Ladder-Climbing Contest; 2:45 P. M., Hub-to-Hub Races.

EVENING—-7:00 P. M., Memorial Service. America. Invocation— Rev. E. Payne. Selection. Reading of Departed Members’ Names. Eulogy—Lieut. Wm. J. Canavan. Selection. Blessing. 8:00 P. M. Entertainment and Street Dance.

SECOND DAY—Tuesday, July 3

8:30 A. M.—Convene. Invocation—Chief M. S. Ball. Roll Call. Reports: Officers. Standing Committees. Rules Committee. Credential Committee. Address—Mr. W. S. Rathbun. Unfinished Business. Discussion. 11:45 A. M., Assembly on Court House Lawn. AFTERNOON—1:15 P. M., 200-Yard Dash; 1:30 P. M., Exhibition of Coupling; All Entries in Coupling Contest; 1 :40 P. M., Exhibition of Ladder-Climbing—Winners in Ladder-Climbing Contest; 1:50 P. M., Wet Test Contest.

EVENING—Fire-Fighting Exhibition. Band Concert. Street Dance.

THIRD DAY—Wednesday, July 4

8:45 A. M.—Convene. Invocation—Rev. Chas. H. Hagus. Unfinished Business. Selecting Convention Place. New Business. Election of Officers. Appointing of Committees.

AFTERNOON—1:00 P. M.—Selection—Band. America. Mr. Frank M. Farmer. Denver. Address—Hon. Rice M. Means, Denver. 1:20 P. M., Finals or Tie-Offs; Exhibition of Hub-to-Hub; 1:20 P. M., Coupling Exhibition; 1:40 P. M., Ladder Exhibition; 1:50 P. M., Veterans’ Race, 40 Yards; 2:00 P. M., 400-Yard Relay Race: 2:15 P. M., Replacement Race. Pumping Demonstration—Sterling Fire Depart-

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Program, Colorado Firemen’s Convention

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EVENING—7:15 P. M.—Closing Session. Distribution of Prizes. America. Fire Works. Grand Carnival. Grand Ball.

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