A tournament contest will be a feature of the meeting of the North Carolina Firemen’s Association this year, after a suspension of a year or two, and it is expected to promote much keener interest among the firemen generally of the state. President J. H. Wood, of Asheville, has issued his first bulletin on the annual meeting, in which he outlines the program as follows:

The meeting will be held at Gastonia, August 22-25. Monday, August 22.—Reception of delegates and visiting teams.

Tuesday, August 22.—Gaston County Court House, usual formal opening of convention 11 a. m., after which regular business session will be held.

Wednesday, August 24.—9:30 a. m. to 3:00 p. m., business session. 3:00 p. m., guests of the city of Gastonia.

Thursday, August 25.—9 :00 a. m.: and during the day, tournament features.

“The city of Gastonia will furnish an American La France Motor Car and driver for all hose and chemical races, and Chief Foister, of Chapel Hill, will bring his racing hand reel and has most generously agreed to allow all teams contesting to use his car for these races.

“The city of Gastonia will furnish the hose for the 2 1-2 inch water contests.

“All races will be run under the rules made at Fayetteville, except that the maximum speed for the motor races has been increased to 25 miles per hour.

“It is my idea that the chemical and hose races should be run separately, but this will be decided at the Gastonia meeting. It is stated by Secretary Miller that ladder shed must be 50 feet from hydrant until rules are changed. If races run together (chemical and hose) I do not believe that the truck can be stopped at ladder shed if running 25 miles per hour passing hydrant.

“The above I think covers the program for both the meeting and the tournament.”

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