Program, Illinois Firemen’s Association

Program, Illinois Firemen’s Association

The thirty-seventh annual convention of the Illinois Firemen’s Association is to be held at Murphysboro, Ill., on January 13 to 15, 1925. The registration is to take place at fire department headquarters, the Hippodrome Theatre will be the convention hall, the Moose Hall next door will hold the exhibits and the Hotel Logan will be the headquarters. The program, as issued by Secretary Roy W. Alsip, Champaign, Ill., is as follows:

Tuesday, January 13, 1925

The convention will be called to order by President A. W. Thode, Galena, at 10:30 A. M. Invocation by Rev. William A. Boatman, Pastor Lutheran Church. Address of Welcome by Hon. H. H. Burch, secretary chamber of commerce, Murphysboro. Response by President A. W. Thode, Galena.

“What We Think of You”—Mr. Jos. H. Davis, Murphysboro. Response by delegates.

Appointment of committees on Credentials and sergeant-at-arms. Payment of dues and distribution of delegate badges.

Afternoon Session

Delegates will report to credential committee.

“The Education Value of the Firemen’s Convention”—Theo E. Simmons, secretary, Danville fire department.

“The Fire Department and Fire Prevention Methods of Foreign Countries” —Thos. R. Johnstone, Indianapolis, Ind.

“The Training of Firemen”—L. L. Wolf, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Evening Session—Memorial Services At First M. E. Church at 7:30 P. M.

Organ Prelude—Miss Jessie West.

Invocation—Rev. R. W. Lloyd. Pastor Presbyterian Church.

Address by Mr. August W. Thode, president, Illinois Firemen’s Association.

Roll Call of Deceased Members—Mr. Roy W. Alsip, secretary. Illinois Firemen’s Association. Male Quartet—Song “One By One.”

Memorial Address—Prof. H. W. Shryock, president of the Southern Normal University, Carbondale, Illinois.

Solo—Mrs. H. R. Akers, “End of a Perfect Day.” with violin accompaniment.

Address—Mr. Thos. R. Johnstone, Indianapolis. Ind.

Quartet—“Crossing the Bar.” girls of the Murphysboro Township High School.

Address—Judge D. T. Hartwell, Marion, Illinois.

Song—“Nearer My God to Thee.” by Delegates and Visitors.

Benediction by Rev. L. E. McKown, Pastor First M. E. Church.

Lunch and smoker for delegates at Knights of Columbus Hall, 106 North 11th Street, after Memorial Services.

Wednesday, January 14, 1925

Reports of officers and committees; delegates to the National Firemen’s Association. Business session.

“Adequate Ordinances and Their Relation to Fire Prevention”—Hon.

John G. Camber, state fire marshal. Springfield. Ill.

“Rescue Work and First Aid”—L. L. Wolf. Cincinnati, Ohio.

Afternoon Session

“Mine Fires and Hqw to Control Them”—Martin Bolt, director department of mines and minerals. Springfield. Illinois.

Delegates will march in a body to view the exhibits by the following exhibitors in Moose’ Hall, 12 South 13th Street (next door to convention hall.

Banquet Program—Wednesday Evening, at Centenary Methodist Church, 14th and South Street, at 6:00 P. M.

Mr. Frank E. Robinson, toastmaster.

Invocation, Rev. A. F. Haynes, Pastor Centenary Methodist Church. Selection—Van’s Orchestra. “Why the Firemen of Illinois Came to Murphysboro”—Mr. M. J. Meyers. Fast President, Mt. Pulaski, 111. “The City of Murphysboro. Illinois”—Mr. H. H. Burch, secretary, chamber of commerce. Murphysboro, Ill. Selection—Van’s Orchestra. “What You Should Do to Reduce the Fire Loss of Illinois”—Hon. John G. Gamber, fire marshal, Springfield, Ill. “What We Think of Murphysboro”—Hon. Thos. R. Johnstone, Indianapolis. Ind. Solo—“Soldiers of Peace.” Mrs. Harry Sangwin. “Why the Firemen of Illinois Have an Annual Convention”—Hon. Simon Kellerman, Jr., past president, Edwardsville, Ill. Selection— Van’s Orchestra. “What We Think of the Ladies”—Hon. William Lister, assistant attorney general. Evanston. Ill.

Grand Ball after banquet, Elks Club, 1329 Walnut, Street.

Thursday, January 15, 1925

“The Proper Care of Chemical Apparatus and Extinguishers” Mr. Dan C. Bennett, American-LaFrance Fire Engine Company, Chicago. Ill.

“Schools for Firemen”—M. S. Phillips, chief of fire department, Chicago Heights, Ill.

Choosing convention city for 1926. Election of officers.


American-LaFrance Fire Engine Co., Chicago, Ill.; Andrew J. Morse & Son, Inc., Boston, Mass.; Samuel Eastman Co., Concord, New Hampshire; Federal Electric Co., Chicago. Ill.; Harker Mfg. Co., Cincinnati, Ohio; The Thomas Smith Company, Canton, Ohio; McNeal & Olson Co., Dayton, Ohio; Inter-State Machine Products Co., Inc., Rochester. N. Y.; The Larkin Manufacturing Co., Dayton. Ohio; Templeton, Kenly & Co., Limited, Chicago, Ill.; Miller Peerless Mfg. Co., Chicago, Ill.; The Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co., Elkhart, Ind.; G. A. Goebel Co., Chicago. Ill.; Albion Merchandising Co., Cincinnati, Ohio; The Akron Brass Mfg. Co., Wooster, Ohio; Germo Mfg. Co., St. Louis. Mo.; Essco Mfg. Co., Peoria, Ill.; Globe Mfg. Co., Pittsfield, New Hampshire; Marnie Torch Co., Baltimore, Md.; Standard Oil Co., (of Ind.) Evansville, Ind.; The Fyr-Fyter Co., Dayton, Ohio; Western Glass Co., Streator, Ill.; The Foamite-Childs Corporation, Utica, N. Y.; S. F. Bowser & Co., Fort Wayne, Ind.; Bi-Lateral Fire Hose Co., Chicago, Ill.

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