Program National Firemen’s Convention

Program National Firemen’s Convention

The 27th annual convention of the National Firemen’s Association (International), which will be held in Chicago on May 19-21, is to have its headquarters at the Great Northern Hotel. An invitation has been extended by the president of the association. Assistant Fire Marshal James Crapo, of Chicago, to all firemen in the United States and Canada, whether affiliated with the organization or not, to attend the convention and this invitation the secretary, Captain J. F. Mersch, of Evanston, Ill., writes that he seconds. In this connection Captain Mersch says: “The fireman who is interested in fire-fighting and fire prevention will find that it will be well worth his time and expense to attend this convention.” The program is as follows:

Tuesday, May 19, 10 A. M.

Op-ning of the convention by President-Ass’t Chief James Crapo-o Chicago, I11. Opening Invocation.

Address of Welcome by Chief Arthur R. Seyferlich of the Chicago F. D. Responses to address of Welcome by Ass’t Chief H. K. McNally of Saginaw, Mich.-Otto Sorgenfrei of Blue Island. I11. Robert E. Haskill of Ft. Wayne, lnd.—lion. William Lister of Evanston, I11., and others.

Appointment of Committees.

Tuesday, 1:30 P. M.

Reports of Officers.

“Arson and the evidence necessary for prosecution thereof,” by Hon. John G. Gamber, State Fire Marshal, Springfield, I11.

“The relations of Underwriters Laboratories to the Firemen,” by Mr.

George B. Muldaur of New York, N. Y “Electrical Inspections,” by Mr. William S. Boyd of Chicago, I11,

Tuesday, 8 P. M.

Memorial Exercises. The Memorial addresses by Thomas R. Johnston of Indianapolis, lnd., ami William Lister of Evanston, Ill.

Wednesday, 9 A. M.

The delegates will visit the Underwriters Laboratories. Program: 9:00 A. M. Welcome by President Dana Pierce. 9.30 A. M. Operation tests of Automatic Sprinklers. 10.00 A. M. Trip through the plant, with guides, witnessing tests, in the different laboratories. 10.30 A. M. Beginning of Fire Window test, in large panel furnace. 10.45 A. M. Automobile bumper test. 11.00 A. M. Foam extinguisher test on gasolene fire. 11.30 A. M. Conclusion of test, in the panel furnace, with application of hose stream. Various tests will be demonstrated in the laboratories.

Wednesday, 2 P. M.

Demonstration of Fire Boat in conjunction with Fire Dep’t Standpipe and High Pressure Nozzles, by the Chicago F. I).

4.00 P. M. Delegates will board Municipal Tug to visit the four mile Crib, on Lake Michigan.

In event of inclement weather, afternoon will be taken up by further demonstrations in the Underwriters Laboratories.

Wednesday Evening

Entertainment fer the delegates.

Thursday, 9:30 A. M.

“The Firemen-—His relation to the Public,” by Mr. Clarence Goldsmith of the N. B. F. U. of Chicago, Ill.

“Salvage Work and its relation to Modern Fire Fighting,” by Chief Frank C. McAuliffe, Superintendent of the Insurance Patrol, Chicago, I11.

“My Experience with Sprinklers in Grain Elevators, and their value,” by Chief Gecrge Detrick of So. Chicago, Ill.

“Fire Drills and Training,” by Ass’t Chief Edward Shearwood, of Cincinnati, O.

Unfinished Business. Reports of Committees. Election of Officers. Selection of place for holding the tiext convention. Adjournment Sine Die.

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