Program of South Dakota Fire Chiefs

Program of South Dakota Fire Chiefs

The annual convention of the South Dakota State Fire Chiefs’ Association, is to be held at Brookings, S. Dak., on May 3 and 4, and a large attendance of the heads of fire departments throughout the state is expected. Chief C. M. Johnson, of the Rapid City Fire Department, is secretary. The tentative program is as follows:

May 3

9a.m.—Address of Welcome by Mayor of Brookings; Response, B. H. Gray, President, Canton.

9:30—Fire Marshal Activities.—G. H. Helgcrson, Cominr. of Insurance.

10 a.m.—Short Course in Fire Prevention.—W. N. Van Camp.

11 a.m.—Electrical and Mechanical Installation.—R. L. Daniels, Minneapolis.

1 p.m.—Fire Prevention in Building Construction.—D. L. McCoy, Sioux Falls.

2 p.m.—Modern Methods of Fire Extinguishment, Control, Care and Maintenance of Fire Equipment.—A. I. Olding, Redfield.

Question Box.

5 :30 p.m.—Adjourn until May 4, 9 a. m.

7 :30 p.m.—Free Moving Pictures—“The Fire Brigade” shown for first season.

May 4

9 a.m.—Fire Hazards, Exposures and Statistics.—D. L. McCoy, Sioux Falls.

10 a.m.—Combating Smoke, Gas and Other Hazards With Safety First Methods Applied.—Richard R. Vernor. Chicago.

11 a.m.—Safeguarding Business Districts with Special Regard to Oil Burning Equipment.—R. L. Daniels, General Inspection Bureau. Minneapolis.

1 p.m.—Water Works and Pipe Line.—Clarence Goldsmith, Chicago.

2 p.m.—Question Box.

5 p.m.—Business Meeting and Election of Officers.

6 p.m.—Sightseeing trip over Brookings and to State College by citizens of Brookings.

N. Y. City Uses New Fire Alarm SystemOn February 4, the old fire alarm telephone system used in New York city was abandoned and the new fire alarm telephone system in the Borough of Manhattan was placed in service. In the new system it only requires the lifting of the receiver to obtain the central office operator.

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