The convention of the Southeastern Water and Light Association at Chattanooga, Tenn., holds promise of some very interesting discussion as the following program will show:


TUESDAY, MAY 19—Morning Session, 9 to 11 a. m. Registration of Members and Guests, Informal Greetings, Renewal of Acquaintances in Convention Hall.

11 :30 a. m.—Convention called to order by D. L. Caston, President. Opening exercises, A. F. Porzelius, Superintendent of Chattanooga Water Plant, presiding.

Address of Welcome by Hon. Richard Hardy, Mayor of Chattanooga.

Response by H. S. Kerby, Superintendent of Albany, Ga., Water Plant.

Business Session. President’s address.

Appointment of the following Committees:

Exhibition Committee.

Auditing Committee.

Resolutions, Special Committees.

Presentation of New Business.

Recess at 12:30 p. m.

Afternoon Session, 2:30 p. m.—Addresses and Discussions. “Industrial Democracy in a Pipe Foundry”—by Paul A. Ivy, Vice-President of the American Cast Iron Pipe Company, Birmingham, Ala.

“Sodium Alummate—A New Coagulant”—by H. A. Lilly of the Aluminate Company of America, New Kensington, N. J.

Discussion led by Guy H. White, Superintendent of the Columbia, S. C., Water Works.

Business Session. Reports of Committees. Financial report of Secretary-Treasurer General fund and Water & Light publication.

Report of Ralph R. Silver on publication of Water & Light. Recess at 5 :30 p. m.

Evening Session, 8 p. m.—Smoker at Hotel Patten tendered by Chattanooga officials. A. F. Porzelius, Master of Ceremonies.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 1925-—Morning session, 9:30 a. m. —”Water Works Problems”—by W. Zode Smith, Superintendent of Atlanta Water Works.

General discussion on collection of delinquent bills; collection of bills in case of transfer of property and change of tenants without notice of such changes. Adjustment of complaints and other matters of interest to officials of Water and Light Departments.

“Experience With Services, Materials Used; by whom maintained”—by P. B. Hale, Superintendent of Albany Water Company. Albany, Ala.

Business Session.

Recess at Noon.

Luncheon at Chattanooga Water Plant prepared by Entertainment Committee.

Afternoon Session, 3:00 p. m.—“Electric Watthour Meters” by R. D. Hilley, district meter specialist of the General Electric Company.

“How to Sell Electric Ranges”—by W. T. Christy, district sales manager of the General Electric Company. “Experience With Cement Lined Pipe.” Discussion led by J. E. Gibson, manager and engineer of the Charleston S. C., Water Plant.

Business Session.

Recess at 5 :30 p. m.

Evening, 9:00 o’clock.—Dance to be tendered by Entertainment Committee. Bring the ladies.

THURSDAY, MAY 21, 1925—Morning Session. 9:00 o’clock —“The Salient Features of the Memphis Water Supply”—by Wellington Donaldson of the engineering firm of Fuller & McClintock, Memphis, Tenn.

“Good Will as An Asset in Public Utility Operation”—by E. D. Reed, General Superintendent of the Tennessee Electric Power Company.

Election of Officers.

Selection of next place of Meeting.

Report of Committees.

Final adjournment.

Afternoon, May 21.—Trip to Lookout Mountain, Chickamauga Park and barbecue on Signal Mountain.

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