Secretary’s office open for registration at eight o’clock, Monday morning, June _5th, 1916, at Headquarters, Hotel Astor, Times Square, Broadway, 44th to 45th St. Secretary’s Office, Assembly Room, and Exhibits New Addition, Ground Floor.

Meeting of Executive Committee, 12:30 P. M.

Members of the Executive Committee will meet in the office of the Secretary of the Association at 12:15.

Members having business to bring before the Executive Committee must have it in the hands of the Secretary of the Association before 12:15 P. M., Monday, June 5, 1916.

Meetings of Standing Committees.

Finance, Publication, Membership. Members having business to bring before these committees should hand it to the Secretary or Chairman of the Committee before noon, June 5, 1916.

Special Committees.

Meetings at call of Chairmen. Times and places of meetings of all committees will be posted in the Secretary’s office.


Exhibition Room, Office and adjoining rooms open for social gatherings and “getting together.”

NOTE:—The program has been arranged to use every hour of the day and members are requested to attend the business sessions promptly on the hour named in the program; if they do no do this the program cannot be carried out fully.

TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 1916.

Forenoon Session.

Nine o’clock—Regular order of business, Calling Roll. Reading Minutes. Announcement of officers elected for 1916-17.

President’s Address.

Ten-thirty o’clock—Special Order.

Address of Welcome—Hon. John Purroy Mitchel, Mayor of the City of New York; Hon. William Williams, Commissioner of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity, City of New York; Hon. Charles Strauss, President Board of Water Supply of the City of New York. Response—Nicholas S. Hill, Jr., President American Water Works Association.

Reports—Executive Committee, Secretary. Publication Committee, Finance Committee, Treasurer, Membership Committee.

Afternoon Session.

Two o’clock—Reports of Special Committees: Revision of Standard Specifications for Cast Iron Pipe and Specials, John H. Gregory, Chairman; Standard Specifications for Wrought Iron Pipe, A. A. Reimer, Chairman; Depreciation, Leonard Metcalf, Chairman; Prevention of Stream and Lake Pollution, Theodore A. Leisen, Chairman; Standard Specifications for Hydrants and Valves, B. C. Little, Chairman; Water Consumption, Edward S. Cole, Chairman; Standard Fittings for Water Meters, Chester R. McFarland, Chairman; Plumbing Code and Control of Plumbers, Scotland G. Highland, Chairman; Mechanical Analysis of Sand, Philip Burgess, Chairman.

Presentation of Papers.

Experience with a Card Consumer’s Ledger*, E. W. Haseltine; Interpretation of Water Works Accounts* (with lantern slides), Mark Wolff.

In the forenoon, shopping tours to various large Department Stores in the Shopping District of New York City. Ladies wishing to join the shopping trips can get full particulars from Mrs. Fred S. Bates, Chairman of the Ladies’ Committee.


Half-past Three o’clock—Concert at Aeolian Hall, 34 West 42nd Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, about ten minutes walk from Hotel Astor.


Organ Recital in the Grand Ball Room, Hotel Astor, the exhibition room during the convention, from five to six o’clock.



Forenoon Session.

Nine o’clock—Presentation of Papers. (Papers marked with an * are printed in the June Journal of the Association.) Difficulties in the Design and Operation of Medium Sized Water Works Systems*, E. B. Black; Pumping Machinery, Test Duty Versus Operating Results*, J. N. Chester; Reservoirs* (presented with lantern slides). Dabney H. Maury; Prevention of Water Waste on Railroads* (lantern slides), C. R. Knowles; Report of Commitee on Elecrolysis, Prof. Albert F. Ganz, Chairman.


Trip to Kensico Dam. The Department of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity, the Board of Water Supply of the City of New York and the Active Members of the American Water Works Association in the New York Section territory have arranged a trip to the Kensico Dam.

A Special Train will leave the Grand Central Station at 1:30 P. M., for Valhalla station on the Harlem Division of the New York Central Railroad. Surface cars pass the hotel running direct to the station. Returning train will leave Valhalla about 4:45 P. M., arriving in New York about six o’clock, in time for dinner.

Evening Session.

Eight o’clock.

Election of Nominating Committee.

Selection of place for holding the 1917 Convention.

(Associate members vote on place for holding Convention.)

Presentation of Papers.

Pressure Filters* (presented with lantern slides), Harold C. Stevens; The Typhoid Toll* (presented with lantern slides), George A. Johnson.



Forenoon Session.

Nine oclock.

Question Box and Discussion of Water Works Topics. A special program with questions and topics for discussion will be issued for this day.

Afternoon Session.

Two o’clock.

Superintendents’ Day continued to 3:00 P. M.

Three o’clock.

Special examination of exhibits in exhibition room with demonstrations.

Organ Recital in the exhibition hall from three to six o’clock.

Chemical and Bacteriological Section.

Forenoon Session.

Nine o’clock.—Presentation of Papers; Some Aspects of Chlorination*, Joseph Race; The Mt. Kisco Sewage Disposal Plant, Croton Water Shed, Theodore DeLong Coffin and Frank E. Hale; Some Problems of the State Water Laboratory, L. H. VanBuskirk; Recovery of Spent Lime at the Columbus Water Softening and Purification Works, Charles P. Hoover.

Afternoon Session.

Two o’clock—New Raw Water Supply for the City of McKeesport, Pennsylvania, Edward C. Trax; Tests for Bacillus Coli as an Indicator of Water Pollution, C. E. A. Winslow.


Half-past Eight o’clock—Informal reception and dance tendered to the President and Delegates of the American Water Works Association by the Water Works Manufacturers Association, in the Hotel Astor.

At half-past nine the award of prizes will be made to the Section of the American Water Works Association having made the greatest gain in membership, and to the individual members of a Section having secured the largest number of members.

For the Ladies.

Ten o’clock—Sight-seeing Automobile trip through the residential part of the city; starting from the Hotel Astor promptly at ten o’clock.

Half-past Two o’clock—Card Party from 2:30 to 5:30 o’clock. For location of room see Bulletin in the office of the Secretary of the Association.

FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 1916.

Forenoon Session.

Nine o’clock—Presentation of Papers. The Selection, Installation and Test of a 1,000,000-Gallon Motor Driven Centriugfal Pump*, S. R. Blakeman; The Latest Method of Sewage Treatment* (presented with lantern slides), Edward Bartow; Copper Sulphate Treatment of St. Paul, Minnesota, Water Supply* Prof. N. L. Huff and Garrett O. House. Report of Committee on City Planning, Ernest P. Goodrich, Chairman.


River and Harbor Excursion and Trip to Coney Island; under the auspices of the Water Works Manufacturers Association.

Boat will leave Pier foot of West 42nd St. and North (Hudson) River at Three o’clock promptly. To reach Wharf take surface car at Northeast Corner Seventh Avenue and 42nd Street, two blocks south of Hotel Astor. All cars going west and crossing 7th Avenue run to boat landing. It will take about half an hour from the Hotel to the Boat Landing, and the Boat will start promptly on schedule time, Three o’clock. Allow ample time to get there.

A Shore Dinner will be served at Fcltmans’ Coney Island Hotel at Six o’clock.

The special boat returning to the city will leave steelplechase Wharf promptly at 11 P. M., reaching 42nd Street Wharf, City, about midnight.

Members desiring to stay later or to reach the City earlier can take trains via Brooklyn Rapid Transit Railroad from Surf Avenue Station, opposite Feltmans. Trains every ten minutes, or by regular boats leaving at convenient hours.

SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 1916.

The Local Committee of Arrangements has made plans for excursions to various points of interest, Ashokan Reservoir, Subways, etc. Full particulars concerning these trips can be had at the office of the Secretary of the Association at the Hotel Astor.

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