American Water-works Association,


May 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21, 1892.

Meetings will be held at the Metropolitan Hotel.

Tuesday, May 17,

Meeting of executive committee, 9 A. M.

Morning session, 10 o’clock.

Opening exercises.

Regular order of business.

Afternoon session, 2.30 o’clock.

Reading cf papers.

The Brooklyn water-works.Samuel McElroy.

Who should do the plumbing work.L. E. Gray.

The new water supply for Atlanta, Ga.W. G. Richards.

Particulars in which municipal officers should protect the municipal corporation in granting water-works franchises to private water companies.J. Nelson Tubbs.

Evening, 8 to 10.30.

Reception at Metropolitan Hotel by city officials and prominent citizens.

Wednesday, May t8.

Morning session, 10 o’clock.

Reading of papers.

Reservoir dams.W. B. Rider.

Distribution mains and fire service.J. T. Fanning.

‘l’lic Kansas City case.B. K. Jones.

Protection of exposed water pipes crossing bridges,

S. E. Babcock.

Afternoon session, 2.30 o’clock.

Reading of papers.

On some of the circumstances which affect a water supply.

Geo. W. Rafler.

Case of contamination of a water supply with sulphuric

acid.Wm. I’. Mason.

A few simple suggestions as to water and water supplies, their

use and abuse.C. Monjeau.

Water pressure and water distribution.Peter Milne.

Evening, 7.30.

Theatre party under direction of local committee.

During the day the visiting ladies will he escorted to various places of interest, by the ladies of the local committee. Thursday, May tg,

Morning session, 10 o’clock.

Reading of papers.

The water supply of New Orleans,

Prof. A. E. Metz. Tulane University of Ixmisiana

Water-works notes.t• B. Brush.

Volunteer papers.

Question box.

Aftemoon session, 2.30 o’clock.

Regular order of business.

Selection of place for holding next annual meeting. Election of officers.

Ladies drive through Central Park, etc.


At the disposal of members and guests.

Friday, May 20,

All day excursion, accompanied by the ladies, to Ridgewood pumping station, Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn. Lunch at Montauk Club ; visit to Prospect Hill reservoir, Prospect park and Greenwood cemetery.


At the disposal of the local committee.

Saturday, May 21.

All day steamboat excursion, accompanied by the ladies, on New York bay to Brooklyn navy yard and other points of interest,

Tendered by the National Meter Company,

Lunch will be served.

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