Progress in Handling Chimney Fires

Progress in Handling Chimney Fires

Although this country has long suffered from sooty chimneys and fires resulting therefrom, it was very slow in developing a chemical compound for cleaning chimneys and removing soot. On the other hand countries abroad have been using chimney cleaning compounds for years and with great success.

It was only a year or so ago that the Kilsoot Chemical Company placed on the market their new product “Kilsoot,” a powder which is used for removing soot and extinguishing chimney fires. Since being made available, demands for it have increased at an astonishing rate until at the present time besides the large domestic trade, twelve foreign countries are using it in large quantities.

The action of this chemical is quite simple in cleaning chimneys. First, a good hot bed of coals is provided in the furnace or stove after which a package of Kilsoot is spread over the coals and the stove or furnace closed up. It is left in this condition for possibly a half hour after which time the soot has been destroyed by oxidation. Although only comparatively a new’ product Kilsoot has received the endorsement of quite a large number of prominent chiefs.

At the New England Fire Chiefs Convention it was shown for

the first time before any of the larger associations and proved one of the points of interest. A display will be made at Portland, Oregon—on the other side of the country—and a more elaborate arrangement provided to show the effect of Kilsoot.

Exhibit of Kilsoot Chemical Company at the Portland Convention of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs.

The illustration herewith shows the display of the Kilsoot Chemical Company at the Portland, Maine, Convention of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs.

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