Progressive Pensacola

Progressive Pensacola

[From Our Own Correspondent.]

PENSACOLA, FLA., April 26.—Of all the Florida cities and towns this place is the most attractive and interesting. It and St. Augustine date back to about the year 1560, Pensacola, historically speaking, being ahead of St. Augustine about six years. During the past few years great changes have occurred and its inhabitants, in conjunction with some Northern blood, have stirred up and have set aside many of the old ways and customs, consequently the town has made rapid progress. Pensacola to-day has upwards of 15,000 inhabitants while in 1881 there were barely 10,000. Its streets are well laid out, wide and the drives well paved.

For fire protection there is a volunteer force, and it would be hard to find a better equipped or more active set of men, responding to alarms with the alacrity of a paid force; everything about the houses is orderly and in keeping and worthy of praise. The fire alarm system (electric) has been introduced within the past year and connects with the various house and truck houses and police stations throughout the city. Fire is instantly made known to both departments. The headquarters of the department are in the city building. The officers are elected yearly by delegates from the various companies. The present officers are: L. Le Baron, chief; S. G. Riches, first assistant; Thomas Johnson, second assistant. The chief is also superintendent of the electric fire alarm. The different companies comprising the force are Germania Hose Company No. 1, Washington Hose Company No. 2, Florida Hose Company No. 2, and Hope Hook and Ladder Company No. 1.

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