Syracuse, N. Y.—Announcement that the new Ninth ward engine house will not be put into commission until July 1 followed the appointment of twenty-two firemen and the promotion of three men to higher rank.

Commissioner Frank T. Miller has decided, upon advice of Chief Thomas F. Ryan, to delay assignment of a company to the new Ninth ward house until the men appointed have served long enough to become familiar with their duties. The new company will be made up by transfer of men from existing companies, and by July 1, the twenty-two recruits will have had sufficient experience to prevent the weakening of any company by withdrawal of experienced men.

The promotions announced are:

To the rank of captain—Lieutenant James P. Casey, Engine Company No. 6.

To the rank of lieutenant—Fireman George Madison, Engine Company No. 7, and Firemen John P. Sloan, Engine Company No. 1.

To be firemen—George M. Goodrich, J. N. Mitchell, James Easlick, Harold Driscoll, N. F. Kurtz, John A. Halloran, James J. English, Earl L. McLaughlin, Robert Karle, Thomas H. Mahan, Edward L. Reilley, Bernard L. Conway, Oren Haines, Roy B. Fields, Guy Fitch, Frances H. Coombs, Michael Gleason, Allen S. Deal, James Tighe, James Fitzpatrick, James L. Carroll, Frank A. Benedict.

With one exception, the men made firemen were named in order on the eligible list recently certified by the municipal civil service commission. The exception is Joseph Hugger, who was second on the list, who asked that appointment be delayed until a later date.

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