Following Is a list ot proposals, giving nature of work place, date of opening, and names of person whom to address.

Sewers, Toledo, Ohio, Dec. 31, for constructing 8 to 24 inch cylindrical pipe sewers, in numerous streets John E. Connell, City Clerk.

Pumping Engines, New York City, Jan 17, for furnishing materials, building and erecting pumping engines, boilers and appurtenances for the high service works at the new aqueduct between 10th avenue and Harlem river. William Dalton, Commissioner.

Sewerage, Danville, Ky., Jan. 10, for $25,000 bonds for the construction of a sewerage system. J. B. Fisher. Mayor.

Hose Wagons, New York city, Dec. 31 for furnishing five hose wagons. J. J. Scannell, Fire Commissioner.

Waterworks, Laurel, Miss., Feb. 5, for installing a plant at a cost of $60,000. L. Slainton, mayor.

Waterworks Standpipe, Spokane. Wash , Jan 1901, for a new standpipe. Address Otto Weile, city engineer.

Water Supply, Grand Rapids, Mich., Feb. 15, 1901, for a pure water supply of not less than 10,000 000 gallons per day. Address W. J. Sproat, Clerk Board of Public Works.

Water Works Supplies, Pittsburg, Pa., Dec. 29, for cast iron pipe and specials. G. N. Wilson, Director Department Public Works.

Sewers, Toledo Ohio, Jan. 7, for 24 to 72 in cylindrical brick sewers, in various streets. John E Connell, City Clerk.

Electric Plant, Richmond, Ind., Jan. 3, for the municipal electric light plant. Harry L. Weber, City Engineer,

Street Lighting, Litchfield, Ill., for supplying to city 60 or more 2,000 C. P. open arc electric lights for street lighting Right reserved to rejects anj bid. Hugh Hall. City Clerk.

Sewers, Springfield, O., Jan 2, for the purchase of $7,378 bonds for sewer construction. R. N. Lantz, City Clerk.




Following is a list of proposals, giving nature of work, place, date of opening, and names of person whom to address.

Artesian Well, Abingdon, Ill., Jan. 5, for sinking an artesian well. James Richey, Mayor.

Waterworks, El Dorado, Ark., Dec. 28. for installing a plant and superintending construction. Owen Ford. Security building, St Louis, Mo.

Waterworks Bonds, Greenville, Ala., Dec. 20, for the purchase of $45,000 waterworks bonds. Address City Clerk.

Waterworks, Pictou, N. S., Jan. 8, for constructing a plant. Lee & Coffin, engineers, McGill University, Montreal, P.Q.

Water Works, Gaffney, S. C , Jan. 1. for $4,000 water works and $11,000 electric light bonds. Address the Mayor.

Laying Water Mains, New York City, Dec 27, for laying water mains in a number of streets. Departs ment of Water.