If Mayor McClellan can obtain an act of the legislature to carry out his wishes the charter of Greater New York will be practically abolished and a new one substituted. Some of the existing departments will be united, and then all will be placed under highly paid heads. The idea the mayor professes to entertain is that, in this way, _____e will obtain firstclass men to fill the respective offices. The fire department will be let alone: but the department of water supply, gas and electricity will be divided. There will be a separate department of water supply for that purpose only. The gas and electricity, with others, will come under a new department—that of streets. The tenement house department will be merged under one head —that of the Charities department. If politics do not enter into the arrangement—and Mayor McClellan is quoted as saying it will be so arranged— then the department of water supply will have a better chance for doing really good work.

CHIEF D. G. GARRATT. So. Omaha. Neb.

At Louisville, Ky„ Capt. Martin, of truck No. x, becomes assistant chief of that city’s fire departntent, in the place of Louis Fowler, who becomes captain of the water tower company.

CHIEF PHIL WRIGHT. San Antonio. Tex.

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