Marshall, Wis.—Plans are being made to raise funds for purchase of a fire truck for protection of village and Medina township.

Two Rivers. Wis.—Fire Chief Arthur Rahn recommended the purchase of new fire equipment and additional firemen for the local department, according to reports.

Fall River. Mass.—City Council au thorized expenditure of $100,000 for construction of the new fire station at Bedford and Troy streets.

Newport, R. I.—Board of Aldermen went on record as favoring a $150,000 bond issue for construction of new central fire station in the near future, according to reports.

Pelly. Tex.—City Council contemplating the purchase of a new fire truck for the department, according to reports.

Audubon, Iowa—Audubon Post of the American Legion to sponsor a movement to provide for a fire truck to be used for rural pro-

Westbrook, Minn.—At meeting of local fire department it was voted to purchase a new piece of fire apparatus, according to reports.

Worcester, Mass.—Reports state Mayor O’Hara interested in purchase of new fire apparatus.

Steubenville, Ohio—City Council considering necessity of procuring more adequate fire protection for the south end of the city and the erection of a new fire station to replace the present Phoenix fire station on Market Square.

Logan, Utah—Mayor A. G. Lundstrom, and Fire Chief C. W. Rapp recommended to County Commissioners the purchase of a new light truck for rural fire protection.

Woodstock, Ohio—A new fire department was organized to be Known as the Woodstock Community Fire Co. with C. K. Lincoln as president. Funds are to be raised for purchase of apparatus.


A capable sales representative for established Fire Apparatus House in Canada. Must be experienced selling motor apparatus and have clean successful record. Give full particulars. BICKLE FIRE ENGINES LIMITED, Woodstock, Ontario. 11-12

W. S. English With Gamewell Co.

W. S. English, who has been working in the municipal field for the past seven years, during which time he has made chiefs, particularly in Pennsylvania, has been appointed sales engineer of the Gamewell Company.

Wooden Hotel Destroyed

Two boys, occupants of the Mocksville Hotel in Mocksville. N. C., were badly burned in a fire that destroyed the hotel. They were burned about the face and shoulders as they made their way from the second floor of the blazing building. One of the two is in a critical condition.

Shortly after the guests bad retired for the evening, fire was discovered. The flames spread throughout the wooden frame building. The building loss was placed at $20,000.


W. S. English

Pumper Delivered to New South Wales

Upon delivery of the new 1,000 Imperial gallons AhrensFox pumper delivered to New South Wales, Australia, officers and men of the various districts were given instruction in its operation. After complete information had been given concerning the pumper, the men assembled were given instruction in the operation of the new aerial ladder. The department intends to form a school and to hold regular class instruction.


Large Auditorium Burns

The Raleigh Auditorium, with a seating capacity of 3,200. was destroyed by fire on the night of October 24, with an estimated loss of $125,000.

The flames were discovered by negroes who were holding a dance to celebrate the state fair. The blaze was first seen in the top of the building which gave rise to the belief that defective wiring had caused the blaze.

The Raleigh auditorium was part of a large building that also housed Raleigh’s city hall and jail. Prisoners were removed to the Wake county jail. The city offices were not damaged.

Sherwood Brockwell, State Fire Marshal, assisted Chief W. E. Hollis in directing the fight of the flames that prevented the destruction of the city offices and nearby buildings.


John P. Ahrens Retires

John P. Ahrens, Vice-President and Sales Manager of the Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine, Company, since the company was organized in 1904, resigned from that organization on October 28.

Employees of the company presented the retiring official with a number of tokens of their esteem for him, including a bible, diamond cuff links and an engraved cigarette and lighter set.

It is Mr. Ahrens’ intention to depart in the near future on an extended trip which he had long hoped to take, but which he had been unable to do because of the demands of business.

His father, Christopher Ahrens, was a pioneer fire apparatus builder. He served for a while at sea and in 1859 went to Cincinnati. His first position was with a fire engine manufacturing company, and ten years later Christopher Ahrens purchased the business. He remained as President of the Ahrens Manufacturing Company until 1895, when he retired. The firm then was incorporated as the Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company with Charles H. Fox, his son-in-law, as President and John P. Ahrens as Vice-President. John Ahrens, Jr., remains with the company.

John P. Ahrens

Fire Department and Other Reports

Fire Brigade, Shanghai, China—Report of the Fire Brigade and the Budget; twenty-five pages and cover.

Fire Department, Petaluma, Cal.—Three-page typewritten report of Chief R. S. Adams.

Fire Department, Singapore, Straits Settlement—Annual report of department; five pages and cover.

Fire Marshal, British Columbia—Eighth annual report of the Fire Marshal for the Province of British Columbia, Canada; twenty-four pages and cover.

Fire Department, Seattle, Wash.—Thirty-ninth annual report of the Fire Department; 123 pages and cover.

Institution of Fire Engineers, England—Annual report and proceedings of the Seventh Annual Conference held in Leicester, England; 100 pages, illustrated, and cover.

Bureau of Safety, Panama—Report of the Bureau of Safety, Panama; thirty-one pages, tables and cover. This report is printed both in Spanish and English.

Fire Department, Fitchburg, Mass.—Fifty-seventh annual report of the Fire Department; nineteen pages and cover.

New Mexico State Firemen’s Association—Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Convention and the First Annual Fire College, of the New Mexico State Firemen’s Association, Denting, N. M.; illustrated, nineteen pages and cover.

Fighting Fire by Modern Methods—A booklet describing some of the modern methods of fighting fires. Issued by the National Board of Fire Underwriters, New York City; illustrated, thirty-six pages and cover.


November—SONOMA COUNTY FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual Convention, Petaluma. Cal.

Nov. 15—KEYSTONE FIRE CHIEFS’ ASSOCIATION. 29th Annual Convention, Lancaster, Pa. Charles O. Oyler, Convention Representative, 315 S 14th St., Harrisburg, Pa.

Nov. 19—FIRE CHIEFS’ EMERGENCY PLAN OF WESTCHESTER COUNTY Regular Meeting, Fire Headquarters, White Plains, N. Y. Secretary-Treasurer, E. Riviere, Fire Headquarters, Larchmont, N. Y.

May 11-16, 1931—NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION. 35th Annual Meeting, Toronto, Ont., Can. Managing Director, Franklin H. Wentworth, 60 Batterymarch St., Boston, Mass.

May 21, 1931—IOWA STATE FIRE CHIEFS’ ASSOCIATION. Annual Convention, Ames, Iowa. Secretary-Treasurer, Chief L. R. Morris, Ames, la.

June 17-20, 1931—WASHINGTON STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 9th Annual Convention, Port Angeles, Wash. Secretary, S. H. Jenkins, Bellitngham, Wash.

July 13-16, 1931—MONTANA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION 40th Annual Convention, and Firemen’s Short Course, Bozeman, Mont. Secretary-Treasurer, D. E. Moser, Bozeman.

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