Protect San Francisco’s Water Front Buildings

Protect San Francisco’s Water Front Buildings

For the purpose of safeguarding the San Francisco ferry building from fire, the electrical department has installed a system of fire alarm boxes throughout the structure, which are connected to electric alarm bells. One of the bells is located in the engine room, and the other is located in the main waiting room just over the entrance to the electrical department. These fire alarm boxes are also connected with the central fire alarm station of the city, which is a special privilege extended by the city fire department in return for the time service rendered to the city fire alarm station.

The correct time is obtained in the electrical department of the harbor board over a wireless from Mare Island daily at 12 o’clock, noon. A master clock in the electrical department furnishes the correct time to the central fire alarm station of San Francisco, where there are two clocks, one on the main switchboard and the other at the operator’s desk. From these two clocks the correct time is sent out to all engine houses in the city three times daily. All alarms turned in over this system are responded to by the city fire fighting equipment. To call attention to the location of these fire alarm boxes at night a red electric light is kept burning near the box.

Fire Protection of San Francisco Ferry Building. Hose and Fire Extinguishers on Pier.Fire Alarm Box and Hose Connections in Front of Building

There are regular city fire alarm boxes at each pier along the waterfront, and all alarms from the city fire alarm boxes are relayed by the operator at the central fire alarm station, to the electrical department of the harbor board in the ferry building, the chief wharfinger’s office, and to the office of the superintendent of tugs and dredges. The state harbor board maintains two tugs normally engaged in towing dredges and scows, but which are also equipped with powerful duplex pumps and monitors, these tugs responding to all fire alarms turned in from the waterfront and it is for this reason that all fire alarms are relayed to. these places.

Just inside the main entrance of each pier there is maintained a large reel of fire hose on a two wheel cart and a large fire extinguisher on a two wheel cart ready at all times for use in case of fire. These are shown in one of the illustrations herewith. The other shows the fire alarm box at the front of one of the piers and also seven connections for the city fire engines.

One of the large steel front doors of one of the piers has been equipped with a motor drive mechanism for raising and closing the same, this having been installed by the harbor board at the request of the city fire department.

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