Protection of Savannah Army Depot

Protection of Savannah Army Depot

On May 5th, two years ago, the Savannah Army Service Forces Depot’s Fire Department, Savannah, Georgia, now under the direction of Major Robert N. Myeys, Fire Marshal and Col. E. C. Gere, Commanding Officer, was activated. In this two years’ time they have maintained an enviable record in their job of protecting the life and property at that installation.

The Depot Fire Department is similar in every respect to any municipal fire department, including the most modern fire fighting equipment, fire alarm systems, personnel organization and discipline, fire prevention inspectors and various other responsibilities and duties involved in the operation of a paid fire department.

The Depot Fire Department is divided into two equal groups, each being assigned to alternate twenty-four hour tours of duty. All firemen are subject to call for emergency duty at all times. The fire station is literally their second home, as they eat, work and sleep there the greatest portion of their time. Their job is one of expectancy. They must be ready at a moment’s notice to take their place against the hazards of fire, wind, water and other calamities to which property and human beings are subjugated.

Some of the duties of the fire department are: service and inspection of fire extinguishers, stirrup pumps, water and sand barrels, fire hose reels, gallon wheel extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire hose, all warehouses in the area, administration building and various outlying buildings; operation and maintenance of fire station, including housekeeping, fire equipment, records and other additional duties. They have completed, since their activation, more than 126,000 fire inspections of buildings and warehouses.

A successful fire protection program is essential to protect structures and facilities at any military establishment. In time of war, destruction of military utilities results in a serious loss of vital products which may be difficult, or even impossible to replace, and, also, might hamper the flow of war materials from our supply sources to those places where they are greatly needed.

Chief Ivan T. Goodrich and the members of the fire department at the Savannah Depot have kept fire losses down to a fraction less than $14 which puts them in a position to be proud of the work they are doing for the war effort as well as that installation.

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