Providence (RI) Fire Inspections Records Out of Date

Many bars and nightclubs in Providence, Rhode Island, do not have current fire inspections on file, despite the glaring example of The Station nightclub fire 10 years ago, which killed 100 people and injured another 200 in West Warwick.

Because of that tragedy, Rhode Island law was changed to require a full inspection of every club every year, according to a report from NBC 10 ( But reporters found that many Providence nightclubs and bars went years without any record of full inspections.

After a lengthy review of records for 60 Providence clubs and bars going back a decade, reporters learned that most inspections are from 2005 or earlier, more than seven years ago.

“Although we go in and we sporadically inspect nightclubs, we haven’t done a full inspection of nightclubs on a regular basis,” Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare.

Another reminder of the dangerous potential of nightclubs came last month when a fire in a Brazilian nightclub killed more than 200 people.

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