Providence Wants the 1916 Convention

Providence Wants the 1916 Convention

Providence, R. I., has inaugurated a movement to secure the 1916 convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers for that city. The secretary of the Retail Merchants’ Division of the Providence Chamber of Commerce has addressed a circular letter to the members of the association, acquainting them with the invitation which the city will extend and reciting some of the advantages and reasons advanced. The letter is as follows:


Dear Sir: Chief Weeks of the Providence Fire Department, who I am sure needs no introduction to any member of the International Association of Fire Engineers, believes that there is but one city in the country in which to hold the 1916 convention of the association—and that city is Providence. To that end the chief is going to invite the association at the Cincinnati Convention to come to Providence next year. In addition, the chief will carry with him whole-hearted invitations from Governor Beeckman, Mayor Gainer and President Holbrook of the Chamber of Commerce. There is a unanimity of opinion (at least in this city) that Providence, —a city at the head of one of the most beautiful bays in the country, with the largest hall in New England to offer for exhibition purposes, with ample accomodations to entertain your convention, and giving the assurance that you will not be lost in a myriad of other activities when vou are here,—is the ideal city in which to hold the 1916 convention. We will have many things of interest to show you, not the least of which (on the promise of Fire Commissioner George W. Hunt) is the annual muster of the New England Veteran Firemen’s Association. Commissioner Hunt, who is also president of the Veteran Firemen’s Association, I believe, has the promise of his association that the muster will be held in Providence next year if the fire chiefs select Providence as the convention city. This, I believe, will be absolutely unique, for it is highly probable that many members of the International Association of Fire Engineers have never had the good fortune to see some of the old-time engines, with full crew’s, “braking down.” We are enclosing several interesting views of the city to give you an idea of what Providence is like, including a picture of the Armory which we will secure for the use of the convention if you decide to come, and another showing Exchange Place with our Central Fire Station at the left. We hope that you will support Chief Weeks in his desire to have the 1916 meeting of the International Association held in Providence. I am, on behalf of the Conventions’ Committee (Mr. Fred Mansfield, Chairman),

Very truly yours.


Secretary, Retail Merchants’ Division. August 5, 1915.

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