Providence Waterworks News.

Providence Waterworks News.

During the quarter ending June 30, 1908, Providence, R. I., laid 127.44 ft.—.024 + of I mile — of special water mains for fire protection, as follows; Twenty-four-inch, 1.98 ft.; 16-in., 100.28 ft.; 12-in., 25.18 ft. On the special service the sizes and lengths of the mains set respectively are as follows: Twenty-four-inch, 4,299.44 ft.; 16-in., 35,053.98 ft.; 12-in., 5,422.25 ft.—total, 44,775-67 it-—8.480 + miles. The total number of hydrants set on the special service is 124.

For the ordinary service of the city were laid 52.33 ft. of 24-in.; 1,992.13 of 12-in.; 1,240.62 of 8-in.; 5,713.27 ft. of 6-in.—total, 14,982.58 ft. Total laid in the city, 1*948,494.87 ft. — 369,°33 -fmiles or 2.837 + miles. Eleven hydrants were set during the quarter, the total set in the city, exclusive of those for special service for fire protection, being 2,158—2,014 flush, 144, post. The number of new service-stops opened during the quarter was 205—making a total of 28,259. One hundred and ninety-five meters were set— thirty-seven to replace other meters—and twelve were discontinued—making a total of 22,778 at the end of the quarter.

The average daily consumption of water for the quarter was 15,268,292 gal.

The total value of the waterworks system on January 1, 1908, exclusive of $56,527.86 for tools and supplies, was $3,978,160.06, as follows: Pettaconsett pumping station, $340,694; Hope pumping station, $115,027.44; Sockanosset, Hope and Fruit Hill reservoirs, $676,466.10; main lines and distribution pipes, $2,829,997.52; real estate in Pawtuxct and Lincoln, $15,975. In the Pettaconsett station are an Allis-Chalmers and a Worthington high-duty engine; in the Hope pumping station is a Holly engine. The aggregate pumping capacity is 24,000,000 gal. The other engines are Corliss and Nagle.

A second filtration system is in full operation. Its installation cost $51,011.55.

There are three reservoirs, the aggregate capacity of which is 152,000,000 gal.

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