Publications Available

Publications Available

Walter D. Cherry, Cherrydale Farms, 5230 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia 43, Pa., is offering free copies of a new 10-page fund-raising manual to volunteer fire departments and other organizations. It contains instructions on organizing and conducting successful fund-raising ventures and campaigns.

D. B. Smith & Co., Smith Building, Main Street, Utica 2, N. Y., has published a folder describing its line of Indian Fire pumps. Ask for F108.

Baughman Manufacturing Company, Jerseyville, Ill., has introduced a new and improved version of its Fire Tanker fire fighting truck which is described in a new two-page bulletin. Ask for A-462.

Publications Available


Publications Available

The Mil-Penn Company, 115 West Noreigan Street, Pottsville, Pa., has been named exclusive distributors of Onan products in northeast Pennsylvania.

The Manufacturing Chemists Association Inc. has issued a new safety publication, SG-12, entitled “Public Relations in Emergencies.” It stresses that one of the early duties of a plant’s management, should a disaster strike a chemical plant, is to get the facts to the public as quickly and as completely as possible. Price of the pamphlet is 20 cents.

Cardox, Division of Chemetron Corporation, 840 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago 11, has issued two two-color booklets, Folio 8-2 on high-pressure carbon dioxide, and Folio 1-1 on fire extinguishing systems and equipment.

Willson Products Division, Rav-O-Vac Co., Reading, Pa., has published a twocolor selector-chart folder which lists 62 common industrial gas and vapor hazards and indicates the gas mask canister which should be employed for respiratory protection. Individual mask components and replacement parts are also included.

Phillips Petroleum Co., Bartlesville, Okla. has published a 12-page bulletin “How To Handle LP-Gas Emergencies.” It describes in simple terms some of the properties of LP-Gas and recommended procedures for dealing with leakage and fires.

The Divco Truck Division, DivcoWayne Corp., 22000 Hoover Road, Detroit 5, Mich., has published a new 16page catalog which lists all truck models as well as optional and special equipment.

Wasco Products, Inc., Bay State Road, Cambridge, Mass., has made available a new 20-minute color film which shows fire tests of Pyrodomes, its combination automatic daylighting and fire-venting moulded acrylic skylights. Distribution of the film will be made through company representatives and requests for prints should be made directly to the head office.

V. H. Blackinton & Co., Inc., Attleboro Falls, Mass., has published a striking four-color broadside which depicts many of its new custom-design cap and breast badges. All are shown in exact size and color.

Hallett Mfg. Co., 5910 Bowcroft Street, Los Angeles 16, Calif., has pubfished a two-color flyer describing its ignition shielding kits for fire apparatus. Complete specifications are included.

Electronic Protection Inc., Box 264, Caldwell, N. J., has published a twocolor broadside describing its “El-Tec” electronic-traffic control for emergency vehicles. Facts and figures are quoted concerning maintenance and present installations.

International Harvester Company, Motor Truck Division, 180 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago 1, Ill., is offering free copies of its truck cost record book to interested users. It provides 20 pages of space for recording details of a single truck use for one full year. Write Consumer Relations Department and ask for form AD-20.

Leece-Neville Co., 1374 East 51st Street, Cleveland 3, Ohio, has published a four-page brochure of application data and installation diagrams and instructions for the new 6000-series alternator. Ask for PA-6000-S.

Safety Supply Co., 214 King Street East, Toronto 2, Ont., has published a two-color flyer describing its new Chieftan fire helmet made of fiberglass-reinforced resin and manufactured in Canada.

Mine Safety Appliances Co., 201 North Braddock Avenue, Pittsburgh 8, Pa., has published a bulletin describing the VentiBreather oral resuscitator unit. Ask for No. 100-4.

Carpenter Mfg. Co., Somerville 45, Mass., has issued a new catalog describing its fine of portable flood and searchlights, colored warning fights and automatic stand-by lights. Ask for G-601.

John Bean Division, Food Machinery and Chemical Corp., Lansing 4, Mich., has published a 16-page catalog on industrial in-plant high-pressure fog Are fighting equipment. Write to Industrial Sales Department.

Manufacturing Chemists Association, Inc., 1825 Connecticut Avenue, N. W., Washington 9, D. C., has published a pamphlet “Recommended Safe Practices and Procedures—Storage and Handling of Shock and Impact Sensitive Materials,” which covers all materials not classified as explosives. Copies of SG-7 are available at 20 cents each.