Pump Tank Extinguishers to Be Distributed by O. C. D.

Pump Tank Extinguishers to Be Distributed by O. C. D.

The Office of Civilian Defense has developed a four-gallon pump tank fire extinguisher which will be distributed to cities within the target area and to certain strategic cities to meet the threat of fires caused by enemy action. The pump extinguisher was developed by the Fire Defense Section of the O. C. D. in cooperation with the Office of Chief of Engineers, the Underwriters’ Laboratories and the National Bureau of Standards. The pump tank extinguisher is similar in principle to the stirrup pump, but carries its own supply of water.

To avoid conflict with the production of essental war materials, the pump tank extinguisher will he made of other materials not essential to the production of munitions. The brass pump cylinder plunger has been replaced with porcelain – coated steel and synthetic rubber; special spray nozzles have been made of a simple cast lead or plastic with a deflector which changes the stream into a spray, and the hose has been made entirely of reclaimed rubber.

More than two million pump tank extinguishers will be distributed at the ratio of four to the city block in the target area.

The pump was developed by the Advisory Committee of Civilian Defense which is comprised of representatives of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, National Fire Protection Association, National Bureau for Industrial Protection, International Association of Fire Chiefs, International Association of Fire Fighters, the Army, the Navy, U. S. Department of Agriculture,

and the War Production Board.

Since the photograph was taken, the shape of the tank has been changed to a slightly conical form, so that tanks may be “nested” to save space when shipping.

Shown in the picture below are William French and Major General L. D. Gasser of the Civilian Protection Division and Director James M. Landis of the O. C. D.

O. C. D. Pump Tank Shown examining the first pump tank extinguisher off the assembly line are left to right: William French, Chief of the Fire Defense Section of the Civilian Protection Division: Major General Lorenzo D. Gasser, Director of the Civilian Protection Division, and Director James M. Landis of the Office of Civilian Defense.

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