Pumper Listing Change

Pumper Listing Change

Recently the American Insurance Association, through its Engineering and Safety Department, notified manufacturers of fire apparatus that its program of testing and listing fire department pumpers will be discontinued on May 31, 1965. The AIA suggested that those manufacturers desirous of continuing participation in a pumper testing and listing program, avail themselves of the services of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Testing and listing of pumpers has been a contribution of the former National Board of Fire Underwriters, in the interest of a recognized performance standard for the fire service. Originally it stems from the efforts of the International Association of Fire Chiefs to insure that all pumpers procured meet the needs of fire departments. Perhaps the first test which set the stage for latter listing was the then famous 1913 pumper competition, a 12-hour battle between the apparatus of various manufacturers during the IAFC conference in New York City.

The Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association was concerned that the AIA drop this program for fear that any substitute might not meet the needs of the fire service or the industry. In addition, the FAMA feared the resulting expense of any new program—which necessarily must be passed along to purchasing departments —would be substantial, thus further raising the final cost of fire apparatus. Another area of interest was among the various state rating bureaus, many of whose engineers witness delivery tests of pumpers to fire departments as a final check. The specter of a variety of local standards springing up with the possible abandonment of a national standard was of deep concern.

Representatives of the FAMA, UL and State Rating Bureaus met recently in Chicago to discuss their various positions. According to reports received at this writing, an equitable program, including safeguards for the fire service interest, was worked out. As a result, it can be expected that fire department pumpers delivered in the near future will bear the inscription “UL Listed.”

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