Underwriters’ Tests of Two New Triple Combination Cars for San Antonio, Tex., Give Good Results—Details of the Tests

TWO Ahrens-Fox pumpers, each of 1,300 gallons per minute capacity, and two of the most powerful motor pumping engines in the State of Texas, have recently been delivered to the city of San Antonio by the Ahrens-Fox Company. Both pumpers were put through a severe test and in every instance more than exceeded the Underwriters’ requirements.

During one of the tests, powerful streams were thrown over the flag pole on the roof of the Frost National Bank building, a thirteen-story structure and at present the tallest building in the city, when it was declared by Fire Chief Sarran that no pumping engine in the history of the local fire department had ever sent such powerful streams to such a height here before. All of the tests were conducted by and under the direction of Chief Sarran and he, as well as Fire and Police Commissioner Phil Wright were more than satisfied with the performance of the two powerful pumpers.

The official Underwriters’ test was conducted at Brackenridge Park, lasting three hours and embraced capacity volume and high pressure tests. The pumps took water from the San Antonio river, with a lift of about eight feet.

A total of 1,363 gallons per minute at a net pump pressure of 120 pounds was pumped in the capacity test, through four lines of hose, siantesed into two lines, with 11/2 inch nozzles, exceeding the guarantee by 63 gallons.

In the volume test, using two 15/8 inch nozzles, 1,526 gallons per minute was pumped.

In the high pressure tests, using only one set of pumps, and with pump pressures of 200 and 250 pounds, respectively, 662 gallons and 560 gallons per minute were pumped.

Other tests took place at fire department headquarters on St. Mary’s Street, the pumpers taking water from a plug, when powerful streams were thrown high above the roof of the building of the San Antonio Drug Co., a seven story building.

One of the tests here developed into a regular water liarrage, with four lines of hose from the pumper, siantesed into four more lines, making eight in all, with 11/8 inch tips, throwing a regular battery of fire streams into the San Antonio river

During the test at the Frost bank building, nozzle sizes as large as 2 inches were used, and in every ease the streams went clear to the roof of the thirteen-story structure, and some of them over the flag pole on the roof. During this test a pumping capacity of more than 1.800 gallons per minute was reached. In all of the tests there was a noticeable lack of vibration even when the pumps were working at their highest capacity. Both pumpers have been accepted and placed in service.

San Antonio now has four Ahrens-Fox pumping engines in service, as two were purchased by the city back in l913 and are still giving very good service and are good for several years yet to come. One factor that caused the city to purchase engines of this make was not only the service given by the two engines already in use, but also the fact that the city purchased an Ahrens steamer way back in 1886, which has been equipped with a Fox boiler and which is still giving satisfactory service.

Chief Sarran Is Seen in Right Foreground of Upper Picture, Viewing TestTest with Eight Streams at Once from San Antonio Pumper Shown in Lower Picture.San Antonio Pumper, in Test, Throwing Powerful Stream Over Flagpole on Top of Thirteen-Story Building

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