Pumper Testing in the Hands of UL, Inc.

Pumper Testing in the Hands of UL, Inc.

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Like I told you last year, Elmo—you want to ride along as one of my helpers, fine...but watch it with that little clay pipe!!

We draw your attention to the newly established procedure for testing fire department pumpers, which goes into effect January 1, 1966. The testing and listing of pumpers will now be in the hands of the highly respected Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc.

The new procedure will provide a pumping test under standard conditions for every pumper.

Originally the tests were conducted by the National Board of Fire Underwriters (now the American Insurance Association). The tests began back in the 1900’s as a joint undertaking of the National Board and the International Association of Fire Chiefs, and they were conducted at the annual meetings of the Chiefs.

The AIA’s listing program was discontinued on May 31 of this year. Its feeling was that the listing and testing of pumpers was the type of service which Underwriters’ Laboratories was specifically set up to perform. And that in performing this service, it was put in the position of placing “undue emphasis on pumpers as compared to the many other important pieces of apparatus and equipment used in fire fighting.”

A chief purchasing a new pumper should use the National Fire Protection Association Standard 19—’“Specifications for Fire Apparatus.” And it is desirable that he specify that the Underwriters’ Laboratories test and certificate be included to guarantee compliance with pumping standards.

The chief should keep in mind that the Underwriters’ Laboratories test is a factory test. On receipt of the apparatus he should call for the required pumping and road tests, per Standard 19, and check that contract specifications were met.

The American Insurance Association will continue to publish and distribute the booklet, “Fire Department Pumper Tests and Fire Stream Tables.” Pumpers, of course, should be tested annually and after major repairs.

We hope to soon publish the complete text of the “Guide for Certification of Fire Department Pumpers,” as prepared by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

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