ST. BAUD, MINN., is about to instal a new pumping engine at McCarron lake, about three and one-half miles from the court house of that city. The following is an abstract of the speci fications for the pump to be placed ready for service and to be of the triple expansion class, capable of pumping 10,000,000 United States gallons in twenty-four hours. It will take the water from a twenty-four inch pipe about 940 feet long to the engine house from the terminal chamber, where the average elevation of the water will be 174.00 city base. The elevation of the centre of twenty four inch pipe in the basement of the station is 158.57. The water will, therefore, come to the pump under a slight head, and will be discharged into a thirty-six-inch force main about 6,500 feet long connecting the pumping station with the reservoir. The elevation of the discharge into the reservoir is 309.5 feet and the total lift on the pumps will be 145 feet, including the friction on the pipe line. Under the conditions given above the pump will be required to raise 10,000,000 gallons in twenty-four hours into the reservoir at a plunger speed which will insure a smooth and effective action of the pump valves and all working parts of the machinery—speed not to exceed 200 feet per minute, and the stroke of the steam piston and pump plunger not to be less than three and one-half feet The steam cylinders and plungers, as well as the engine, shall be vertical and the latter shall not call for internal stuffing-boxes or water packings in pumps; but ail the stuffing-boxes shall be readily accessible for inspection and tightening up while the engine is running The engine shall have a surface condenser, which shall maintain a steady vacuum, and be so arranged that the amount of water passing through, or the condensing surface can be adjusted to suit the varying temperature of circulating water. The contractor shall furnish everything required to make the construction complete inside the engine and pump room, including two double-faced valves (of a design approved by the engineer), one on the suctionmain and one on the force-main. Steam jackets shall be secured to the steam cylinders, so as to allow free and easy expansion and contraction, without causing internal leakage or joints or derangements of any description to iackets or cylinders or undue strains in any part; and must be arranged to insure proper circulation of steam and ready removal of the jacket water. Side pipes shall be provided with copper ex pansion joints. All handholes and manholes shall be of ample size, well fitted, and opening and closing readily. The engine shall be provided with air chambers of sufficient capacity, to insure smooth, easy, and equal action of the pumps; also with an automatic stop to prevent racing in case of accident to the machinery, and an adjustable regulator to provide for running at the different speeds required to pump from 5,oco,ooo to 10,000,000 gallons of water in twenty-four hours. The area of the suction and discharge-valves shall be sufficient to insure proper filling and discharging of the pumps under all conditions. The valves shall be designed and constructed to open and close promptly and quietly, and shall be tight and of ample strength and capacity, and must afford facility of repairs and renewals. The air pump must at all times perform its work promptly, without noise or injurious shocks. The piston and valve seats must be bronze—the piston rods lined with bronze. The air pump, bo’ler feed pump, and all accessory pumps required to run the engines shall be driven to the main engine, and all steam pipes and heated surfaces protected with nonconductors. During the running test of seventy-two hours the engine must develop a duty of 130,000.000 foot pounds per thousand pounds of steam,and in case the engine shall fail to develop said duty through a lack of efficiency of the engine, a deduction will be made from the contract prce of $1,700 for each million foot pounds, or fraction thereof, when the duty falls below 130,000,000 foot pounds. If it exceeds the above average duty, the contractor will receive a bonus for each million foot pounds above that duty, in the ratio of $600 for each 1,000,000 foot pounds above 130,000,000—the maximum bonus not to exceed $6,000. The engine must be completed and ready for running within ten months from the award of the contract under a penalty of $50 per day as liquidated damages to be deducted from the contract price for each and every day’s delay. The contractor shall maintain the engine in good working order and repair for one year from the time the engine is accepted and put in service. Payments for the work will be made as follows: Fifty per cent, of the contract price is to be paid upon the delivery of the material on the ground; twenty-five per cent, when the machinery is erected complete at the pumping station, and the remaining twenty-five per cent, thirty days after the completion of the duty test and acceptance of the engine by the board of water commissioners, subject to such deductions or additions as may be determined by the duty test.


A waterpipe which burst on the top floor of the four-story building 81 Greene street, this city, some time on Sunday, kept flowing all day til! it was discovered on Monday morning. Every floor was saturated and large patches of the ceiling had also fallen. On the ground floor, the only one occupied, a large amount of the woolen goods of Henry Kupfer & Co., was ruined. Those in the basement, ready for shipping, were likewise destroyed—the water standing three feet deep there.

Morristown, N. J., is still so badly supplied with water for fire protection, that at a recent large fire there in a reiidence on one of the highest points in the city, it was impossible to force sufficient water with the engines. The inhabitants have long complained of this evil. The city engineer is to investigate the water supply.

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