Pumping Engine Items.

Pumping Engine Items.

Steam will be installed as a pumping power at the waterworks plant in Rossville, Ill. It is figured that the expenses of the plant will be greatly reduced and the water service considerably benefited as a result.

J. L. Moline & Co., of Roswell, N. M., have just completed the installation of a 12-horsepower Waterloo gasoline engine and centrifugal pump at South Springs. The flow is 500 gallons per minute.

A new pump, with a daily capacity of 500,000 gallons, has been purchased from an Erie firm and will be installed at the city water plant in Franklin, Pa. It will be used to supply the high-pressure tanks.

The village trustees of Warsaw, N. Y., have contracted for a new pump, for the local water system, with the Laidlaw-Dunn-Gordon Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, for $7,450. The new pump will have a capacity of 2,000,000 gallons per day.

The largest area of land irrigated from a pumping plant and the most quickly completed system of its kind, has been placed in operation near Pasco, Wash. Water is pumped up from the Snake river 120 feet by steam turbine pumps run by electricity. Twenty miles of wooden pipe and two miles of canal, distributes the water over 7,000 acres. All that is needed to increase this area to 12,000 acres is the installation of another pumping unit.

A pneumatic pump has been installed in a large well at Post City, Tex. The initial test resulted in a capacity of 8,000 gallons per hour and this without perceptibly affecting the water flow.

That a second pump will be necessary at Onot_____ lake seems assured by the water committee at Pittsfield, Mass. There is a question as to whether it will be desirable to buy another pump of 1,300,000 gallons capacity like the present one or to buy a pump with a daily capacity of 3,000,000 gallons. It is almost certain that something will be done immediately to provide the city with a permanent pumping station at the lake.

The Weinman Pump Manufacturing Company, of Columbus, Ohio, was successful in securing the order for pumping machinery to be installed in connection with the new waterworks plant at Utica, Ohio. The machinery consists of two extra heavy deep well pumps, each placed over a 10-inch drilled well and each driven by a direct contact vertical Reeves natural gas engine.

A building is being constructed in Wheeling, W. Va., to house the proposed 20,000,000-gallon waterworks pump.

Work has been commenced on a $7,367 pumping station for Wausaw, Wis.

Superintendent J. F. Kidder, of the Burlington, Vt., water system has been in Boston investigating the question of a boiler and pump for the city high-pressure system. The Burlington department has been ready to install this machinery for three months but have been awaiting the arrival of a motor.

Official tests are being conducted of the new centrifugal pumping engine at the Hope reservoir pumping station in Providence, R. I. The engine which has been in operation for several weeks is still in the hands of the builders and the tests are being held with an idea of accepting it.

Pumps at the Galveston, Tex., station have been out of commission for sheveral days pending the replacing of broken valves, in the distributing system.

Shortage of water supply in Alliance, Ohio, has resulted in the installation of a centrifugal pump of 3,000,000 gallons per day capacity This will be used for forcing water into the intake.

The new boilers to be installed at the Titusville, Pa., waterworks will place the plant in first-class condition. There has been a deficit in the power department at the plant for some time and the need of additional boilers has been everely felt in times of fire or when the plant has been called upon for extra high pressure

A new compound duplex pump of 1,000,000 gallons daily capacity has been ordered for the Macomb, Ill., waterworks.

Two sets of bids for pumping machinery are being considered by the waterworks committee in Minneapolis, Minn., one for installing a centrifugal pump, electrically driven, with a daily capacity of 20,000,000 gallons of water, the other for a vertide triple expansion steam pump.

The construction of a large pumping plant has been commenced in Jasper, Tex. The plant, together with the necessary machinery, will cost $500,000.

The pumping plant of the Southern Pacific Railroad at Anderson, Tex., has been destroyed by fire. The city will therefore be without a supply as it has been depending upon the railroad plant, during the reconstruction of the municipal station.

A new triplex pump for the Clinton, Wis., waterworks has been delivered and will be installed at an early date.

Pumps of 3,000,000 gallons daily capacity will be installed at Cadillac, Mich., during the fall. The plant will thus be made suitable for the city’s needs for twenty years.

A large pumping engine is being installed in the new plant at La Harpe, Kan., and others will be placed as rapidly as the construction of the building permits.

The necessity of paying about $70,000 for pumps, a tunnel and a retaining wall for the filtration plant, in Evansville, Ind., will cause an 18-cent tax levy to be assessed by the city in addition to all other items. As has always been stated, the filtration plant proper will be paid for out of the waterworks earnings. The pumps, tunnel and river wall were things which could not be provided for in the original specifications.

Pumping Engine Items.


Pumping Engine Items.

Councilmen in Clinton, Ill., favor the purchase of new and larger boilers for the pumping station, and if that is impossible the immediate installation of electric power.

The board of trustees of Perry, N. Y., has arranged to install a new pump in the village pumping station. The pump is of the Cross Compound Corliss type and has a capacity of 2,000,000 gallans daily.

The Franklin, Pa., waterworks department is increasing the facilities of the water plant for the benefit of consumers. A new pump, with a daily capacity of 500,000 gallons, has been purchased from an Erie firm. It will be added to the city water plant and used to supply the high-pressure tanks.

The large pump at the municipal plant in Gadsden, Ala., is completely out of commission. Two small pumps are being used and there is danger of a water shortage in the city. The damaged pump will be repaired within ten days or two weeks.

The largest quantity of water in any one month in the history of the Salem. Ore., waterworks was pumped from Wenham lake during July. Salem pumped 137,315,840 gallons, which was some 15,000,000 gallons more than in July. 1909. Beverly this last July pumped 84,363,336 gallons which was some 7,500,000 gallons more than in July last year.

To meet the increasing demand of consumers, a large auxiliary pumping plant is being installed in Marysville, Colo.

Superintendent Scroggins and Chief Engineers Junkins, of the Wheeling, W. Va., water department, have returned from Chicago, where they inspected the 20,000,000-gallon pump being built for the city by the Allis-Chalmers Company. Both were well pleased with the machinery.

If present investigations warrant the action, Austin, Tex., may connect the two city wells and maintain a single pumping station. The wells, which are are half mile apart, are, at present, worked by different units, the one with an electric pump and the other steam.

Plans for the new Mission street pumping station for Pittsburg, Pa., have been completed.

The structure will consist of two parts—a main building and a wing—and the total length will be 225 feet and the width 67 feet. It is expected to cost $100,000. The engine house will be the wing, 50 feet wide and 92 feet long. The pump room will be encircled inside by a balcony, 6 feet wide and 16 feet above the floor level of the room, but accessible from the ground level outside, so that the sightseers can see the pump in operation.

The report of the trustees of the Dubuque, Ia., waterworks system, for the year 1910, contains a comparative statement of the pumpage during 1908, 1909 and 1910. Whereas the pumpage at the Eagle Point station during 1908 was 1,047,168,781 gallons, it had declined to 653,751,380 in 1910. During the same period the total pumpage declined from 1,040,611,261 gallons to 851,462,855 gallons or 31 per cent. The reduction was due to economical consumption.

In an effort to get the highest possible pressure out of the new pump at the Sterling, Ill.,

Water Company’s plant, the test pressure was increased to 140 pounds. The pump Worked all right but the pressure was so great that a section of the new 16-inch main, bowed up and broke, jumping completely dear of the ground and sending a stream of water high into the air.

Within two months, a 240-horsepower, highspeed, automatic, direct-connected pumping engine will be installed in the city power plant, at Crowley, La.

The city council of Belleville, Can., has decided to instal electric machinery at the local pumphouse. the waterworks plant being a municipal enterprise. A 115-horsepower electric motor and pump will be installed, the contract being awarded to the Canada Foundry Company, of Toronto.

George S. Hawsley, of Pleasant Grove, Cal., has just completed the largest pumping plant in the vicinity. The machinery consists of a 7-inch centrifugal pump and a 9-horsepower engine. The well, from which the water supply is taken, is 207 feet deep and 12 inches in diameter.

After a public test, the big new duplex pump of the city fire department has been accepted by Lampa, Idaho. Water was thrown over the tallest buildings and only one-fourth of the pump’s pressure was utilized.

Two Worthington turbine pumps have been ordered by the Kansas City Southern Railroad Company for use at the docks in Port Arthur, Tex., as a part of their fire protection system. The pumps are an adaptation of the centrifugal style and each will deliver 1,000 gallons a minute against 150 pounds resistance to the square inch.

On account of the large amount of water being encountered at the Leonidas shaft, at Eveleth, Minn., an auxiliary pump will be installed when the 300-foot mark has been reached. A room will be cut from the side of the shaft at this point, in which the pump will be placed. It will receive the water pumped from depths greater than 300 feet and force it to the surface. Work has been commenced on the new pumping station for Chattanooga. Tenn. According to the specifications of City Engineer Hooke, who planned the station, the enginees and machinery are to be installed under ground, which will necessitate an excavation of 37 feet.