A pumping plant for Warrenton, Ore., is being discussed. One hundred thousand dollars will be needed, and if the bonds can be sold the system will be installed.

A gas engine with a capacity of 30,000 gallons per hour has been added to the Dinuba, Cal., water plant as an auxiliary to the present double-unit electric plant, to be used in emergencies.

At the Verona water plant of Battle Creek, Mich., a new pump of 2,000,000 gallons daily capacity, has been installed. At the test the pump exceeded the guaranteed capacity by over 5 per cent.

On Aug. 22, a very hot day, the pumping plant in San Pedro, Cal., pumped 2,783,580 gallons. This is a daily per capita of 300 gallons. The new pumping plant has a 4,000,000 gallon capacity daily.

Pontiac, Mich., will spend $31,000 for a new pump of 8,000,000 gallons capacity. The question of bonding the city for the amount will be placed before the people at an election in a few weeks. The present plant is inadequate owing to the city’s growth.


Pumps for four artesian wells have been put in operation at the Newnan, Ga., waterworks plant, and the people of Newnan are usinfc artesian water. The flow from these wells will average 000,000 gallons of water a day. The water will be filtered in the old reservoir and pumped into the new reservoir, and then into the 185-foot stand pipe. Several analyses have been made by the State chemist, who pronounces the water pure.

J. B. Herman, with a force of men from the Fairbanks-Morse Company, of San Francisco, has begun the work of installing the new pump and motor for the Turlock, Cal., water system. The new pump will increase the city’s water supply from 700 gallons to 2,000 gallons per minute, which will afford an abundance of water for domestic purposes as well as an adequate supply for aill necessary irrigating of lawns. The new equipment will be installed and in operation within two weeks.

The city council, of Grand Island, Nev., has signed and adopted a recommendation to the people of Grand Island to form an organization for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of the municipal light and water works plant. The improvements are a high pressure automatic pump drawing against a 3,000,000 gallon supply of water and working fast or slow automatically, as water is drawn from the mains; four new twelve-inch electrically driven pumps adding to the supply of water. A few days since the water department pumped and delivered 3,000,000 gallons of water and lawn sprinkling is done at all times of the day without restriction, the meter system being applied to consumers of all classes, the maximum rate being 15 cents per 1,000 gallons, with a minimum of 5 cents per 1,000 gallons. The generating capacity of the electrical department has hitherto consisted of a 250-kilowatt generator and a smaller machine for day time loads.

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