The showing made by the Gaskill engine at Columbus, Ohio, in the yearly averages, as outlined in the report made to the board of trade recently, is gratifying. It is the work of an engine, too, which has worked for years under varying conditions of supply and demand, and was figured direct from coal consumed without deduction for ashes, steam heating or other purposes. The service has always been entirely satisfactory.

The Laidlaw-Dunn-Gordon company is very busy. It has recently taken a number of water works contracts, among which are the following : Portsmouth, O., Shelbyvllle.Tenn.; Edwanisvillc, III.; Hopkinsville. Ky.; Mount Sterling, Ky.; Perry, Okla.; Long Prairie, Wis.; Sparta, Wis.; Celinn, O.; Port Clinton, O.; Great Falls, Mont.; Kenosha, Wis.; Atchison, Kas.

The American Fire Engine company has shipped the large pumps which will be placed in Boston’s fire boat.

The new pump for the Ahington and Rockland water works lias arrived and is being placed in position at the pumping station in Bryantville, Mass.

The St. Anthony Water Power company has notified Minneapolis, Minn., that hereafter it will demand full payment from the city for use of water power at the pumping stations in excess of the contract allowance. It is possible that a new steam pumping plant will have to be built.

The new pumping engine, which has been ordered of the Holly company has been shipped to Cohoes.

The Allis company of Milwaukee will build three new pumping engines for Albany. N. Y.

Tiie Andover. Mass., water commissioners have let the contracts for the new pumping atationT-o the Dean Steam Pump company of Holyoke, HAM. It will be ready for use thin Hummer.

The Holland. Mich., board of public works baa awarded the contract to the Nordbcrg Manufacturing company for furnishing the city a vertical compound engine, 8×24 pumping engine, and a cross compound condensing horizontal 12 and 22×36 steam engine, together with shafting, Hoor stands, pulleys, etc., consideration $9,230, to he delivered and in running order by August 13th.

The new pumping station at the Shawmont avenue basin, Philadelphia, is receiving the finishing touches, preparatory to being turned over the water department. This station will bo used to force to the Chestnut Hill and Germantown district and is furnished with two Worthingtonduplex surface condensing pumps of 5,000,000 gallons daily capacity. The fire room has four tubular boilers of the marine type, completely encased wdth asbestos covering. as arc all the connecting pipes. A large wrought iron stand pipe, 150 feet high and eleven feet in diameter, is in course (if erection on the northwest, side, overjl80 feet of the Ironwork being in position at this time. It, m calculated that this pipe will give rise enough to the water to reach the highest portion of Chestnut Hill. The plant will be ready for work May 10th.

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