When the bids for the new pumping engines at California station, Cincinnati, Ohio, were opened on November 30 three firms of that city were among the bidders—namely, The Lane & Bodley Company, Laidlaw Dunn-Gordon Company, and A. G. Moore & Co. There were also five outside firms bidding, of which only one, the Lake Erie Engineering Works, bid lower than the Cincinnati firms. The bids ranged from $296,250 to $475,000 for three 30.000,000 gallon per day capacity pumps and boilers; from $6,800 to $10,150 for an electric traveling crane; and from $98,750 to $156,500 for a fourth pump, which is to be bought, provided the cost of the other pumps does not exceed the amount set apart for that ixartion of the new works. The bids are as follows :

The proposals for designs 2 and 3 of the l.ake Erie Company. while considerably Inflow any other bids placed, will not he consideied by the commissioners, because the engines they represent arc not in accordance with the specifications This company’s design. No. 1, will, therefore, be the only one which wtll be compared with the proposals of the Lane-Uodley Company and Moore A Co. The Mcllvain & Spiegel ftoiler and ‘l ank Company, of Cincinnati, has figured with the I.aidlaw Dunn-Gordon Company and A. G Moore & Co , of the same city, on the Ixdlers, ami submitted to the commissioners a fulj description of their boilers and the material used. Most of the other bidders in bidding offered prices on a number of different boilers to be supplied by their different makers.

I.aidlaw-Dunn-Gordon Company adds its bids of $438,000 and $423,000 respectively for three pumps $j,200. if the Mcllvain & Spiegel boilers are taken; $3,600. if the Geary; $5 575. if Sterling; $5,180, if the Abcndroth & Root; and $11,800. if the Marietta Hoiler Works. It deducts $300 for the Heine boiler. I’he Southwark Company, in the same way. adds$3,too to its bid forth© three pumps for the Cabal!, li & V boilers or for the Cahali vertical boil.rs. and $4,850 for the Habcock & Wilcox boiler. The Holly Manufacturing Company submits figures for thirteen boilers, all different, varying from $9,000 to $10,800. The question to be decided is not one of the lowest bidder; it is that of who shall offer the engine which is best in all its parts and meets the require ments of the specifications. The merits of the plans submitted will decide the matter. Thus the same chance is offered to all, notwithstanding the outcry raised by a portion of the newspaper press of Cincinnati, that home firms would have no chance in bidding against the other firms which had built the class of engine required. Nor is there any reason for the insinuations that any firm, especially the Allis Company, was to be particularly favored by the commissioners—indeed, the bid of the last-named company is sufficiently high to remove from the commissioners the implications cast upon them.

The bids of the three Cincinnati firms named, a.id the plans submitted prove their serious intention to build the engines, if they are awarded the contract. The firm A. G. Moore & Co. is composed of former Water Works Superintendent Arthur G. Moore and the Iloeffinghoff & I.aue Poundry Company, one of the most responsible firms in the city, in a good position to carry out the contract should it be awarded to Moore & Co. Each bidding firm gave a bond of $10,000. The bids were teferred to Chief Engineer Bouscaren for computation ; his report will probably be issued in about a week from now.

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