Pumping Items

Pumping Items

A pumping plant which lifts 1,500 gallons per minute has been installed on the tract of land owned by the Roberts estate, west of Madera, Cal, A 32-horsepower Muncie engine furnishes the motive power.

Wausau, Wig., has tested and accepted a new pumping engine. The test was so successful as to show that, with a few changes in the mains, the “booster” pump, which has proved quite expensive in its operation, can be dispensed with.

The pumphouse for the Monmouth. Ore . water works system has been completed and the pump has been installed. The pump has a capacity of 200 gallons per minute and takes a 35horsepower motor to operate.

The Sarnia, Mich., council has decided on a steam turbine pump to cost close to $22,000 for its new water works plant The water mains will he of steel pipe at a cost of $3.62 to $369 per foot.

The Gould centrifugal pumps installed at Utica. N. Y., which will make possible efficient intercommunicable pumping when necessary, have been tested at the reservoirs and found to answer the purpose satisfactorily. There are three pumps, two with a capacity of 5.000,000 gallons every 24hours. and one with a capacity of 750,000 gallons.

The new pump installed at St Petersburg. Fla., is now running so that the citv is never to be in danger of a water famine. The installation of the pump, with its capacity of 3.000,000 gallons a day. gives the nlant two sets of mimps. cither of which is sufficient to supply the city with water.

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