Pumping Reduced 50 Per Cent. in St. Mary’s

Pumping Reduced 50 Per Cent. in St. Mary’s

By the installation of a new well at St. Mary’s, Ohio, the pumping cost of the water works has been reduced fifty per cent. according to estimates by Service Director Charles W. Niles. Five cents per one-thousand gallons is the approximate cost of pumping during a two-days test at the new water well.

The new well is now supplying the demand of the entire town and the output appears ample to meet the current demand for water. I he old wells are temporarily shut down until a new pump at the central station is connected.

Exact figures are given by the service department office showing the cost and the result of the water well installation. Five hundred dollars per month is the estimated cost, according to the test, of water pumping for the entire community. This figure is the basis of the presumed saving of half the usual cost of water distribution. Water pumping cost is arrived at through a station house charge of onethird of the total coal consumption against the water works department, two thirds of the coal cost is being charged against the electric light department. Four-hundred tons per month is the average volume of the coal burned at the municipal station.

Water pressure east of the canal is sharply increased through action of the pump at the new well, according to Service Director Niles. Sixty pounds is the pressure by the electrically-driven pump situated at the well.

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