Purdue Arson Investigators’ Seminar

Purdue Arson Investigators’ Seminar

The Tenth Annual Seminar and Training Course for Arson Investigators will be conducted at Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, May 3 to 7, 1954, according to an announcement by Professor Shelby Gallien, Director of Purdue’s Public Safety Institute.

This seminar and training course offers an opportunity for specialized study and discussion of arson investigation problems under the guidance of outstanding police and fire specialists from all parts of this country and Canada. The seminar is conducted by the Public Safety Institute of Purdue University, with the cooperation of local, state and national organizations interested in arson control and prevention.

Since its establishment in 1945, the Purdue Arson Investigators’ Seminar has achieved international recognition as the center for such specialized training. Being the only program devoted exclusively to the study of arson detection and investigation, the seminar is attended each year by persons from the United States, Canada and other countries. It has been widely endorsed by leading fire, police and insurance organizations as a valuable medium for the training of those persons charged with the responsibility for fire investigation.

The effective detection and investigation of suspicious fires is recognized today as an important phase of public safety. It is also recognized today as a technical and somewhat specialized field requiring first hand knowledge of modern techniques and methods. Present trends indicate a steady increase in the number of set fires and the use of even more ingenious methods by the arsonist to escape detection. These factors place an even greater responsibility for effective action on the part of all agencies dealing with the investigation of suspicious fires.

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