Quebec Chiefs Meet in Montreal

Quebec Chiefs Meet in Montreal

Fire and Police Chiefs of the Province of Quebec, Canada, gathered in Montreal, July 11 and 12 for their first annual convention.

Deputy-Director C. Barnes, of Montreal, spoke on the discipline in Fire and Police Departments, and in the training of recruits. James McIsaacs, Fire Prevention Inspector for Montreal read a paper on fire prevention work. Henry Rethoret, Superintendent, Canadian Fire Underwriters Investigation Bureau spoke on arson. Others participated in the program.

Over two hundred persons attended the annual dinner which was held in the Windsor Hotel.

Among the gifts presented was a chest of silverware to Chief Robert Harrington. Secretary of the association, for his work during the past year.

The officers are President, L. B. Temple, Chief Fire Patrol, M. L. H. & Power Cons., Montreal; First Vice-President. Fernand Dufresne, Director. Montreal Police Department; Second Vice-President. George A. Shea, Director. Canadian National Railways Police and Investigation; Third VicePresident, Jules E. Vachon, Chief. Three Rivers; SecretaryTreasurer, Robert Harrington. Chief, McColl Frontenac Oil Refineries Ltd., Montreal.

The 1934 convention will be held in Three Rivers as part of the 300th anniversary of the city’s founding.

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