Queen City Is Preparing Royal Welcome for IAFC

Queen City Is Preparing Royal Welcome for IAFC

Space Needle rises 607 feet above the Seattle Center, site of the 97th IAFC Conference August 9-13. The observation platform affords a spectacular view of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound.

“Go west young man, go west!”

Horace Greenly’s sage advice of years ago was never more sound than this year when the West’s most exciting metropolitan city—Seattle—hosts the 97th Annual Conference of the International Association of Fire Chiefs August 9-13.

Seattle—the “City by the Sound,” the “Swingin’ Gateway,” the “Queen City”—promises to be the most spectacular conference city in the IAFC’s history.

And with the lavish Seattle Center as the site of all conference activities, the Monorail, the ride of tomorrow for transportation from the downtown area to the center, and Seattle’s natural beauty and scenic wonders, it is evident Seattle’s promise will be fulfilled.

Seattle’s host chief, Gordon F. Vickery, and the city’s young energetic mayor, Wes Uhlman, have much to offer.

The Seattle Center, site of the 1962 World’s Fair, is a handsomely landscaped 74-acre site that serves as the cultural, entertainment and recreational core of the city. Rising majestically 607 feet above the Center’s grounds is the Space Needle, and as you board the Monorail for a 96second ride from downtown Seattle to the Center, it will already be in view.

All exhibits will be displayed in the Coliseum, a vast glass-walled structure from the 21st century. During the World’s Fair, it was billed as the “World of the 21st Century.” Now, eight years later, this billing is a reality. With a seating capacity of 15,000 and a display area in excess of 140,000 square feet, exhibitors will have a fantastic opportunity to display their equipment. Perhaps most important of all, the Coliseum is within 200 feet of the North Court Complex, the area where all conference business meetings will be held.

The Complex, separated from the exhibits by only a series of graceful fountains, is completely soundproofed. The speaking systems are built into the separate rooms. They are ideal for films and slides, and the seating arrangements can be as flexible as the occasion dictates.

Sunday’s opening conference session and memorial service will be held in the Opera House, a beautifully decorated, acoustically perfect, 3,100capacity structure. As the headquarters of the Seattle Opera Association, Seattle Symphony and year-round stage productions, the Opera House is the pride of Seattleites.

With the IAFC Conference scheduled for early August, this would be the ideal year to make this a “family conference,” and the Seattle Center grounds provide an excellent setting for family entertainment.

First, there is the Pacific Science Center. Called “the most beautiful and unusual public building on the West Coast,” the $9 million structure boasts of over 100 exhibits for the entire family. These exhibits range from a complete huge moon exhibit (with two of the actual Gemini capsules used in space flights, plus lifesized mockups of all other space capsules) to life science displays, to mathematics areas to various participation exhibits. You can actually spend days in this huge complex and still not see all the exhibits.

For the youngsters, there is the Fun Forest, a myriad of exciting rides and games. And for the women, there are endless shops and exhibits—enough to keep them entertained for days.

Everything is in readiness. All that remains is for you to come to Seattle in August. It’s called the “Swingin’ Gateway” for a good reason. If Horace Greeley were alive today, he would undoubtedly be preaching, “Go to Seattle young man, go to Seattle.”

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