Queer Accident Blocks Apparatus Response

Queer Accident Blocks Apparatus Response

A rare accident kept one of the ladder trucks of the Rochester Fire Department, Rochester, N. Y., from responding to an alarm of fire one night last month.

The apparatus is located in the quarters of Ladder 8 and is a city service trailer type with tiller, built on a chassis by the local department during the lean war years. It is scheduled for replacement by a new 65-ft. aerial (which event will mark the passing of the last of the city’s old service trucks).

As the apparatus started out of its quarters on Ridge Rd. west, the automatic door of the station failed to go up as far as it should. The tillerman noticed the low-hanging door and signalled the driver who immediately stopped the truck, but not before the door had smashed the rear windshield on the trailer.

According to Fire Chief John Slattery, no one was hurt in the affair but the sudden stop jammed the steering apparatus of the truck, making it necessary to send another company to the fire which destroyed a small workshop at the rear of the Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation’s new plant in Beach avenue.

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