Questioned Contract Puts Bellevue OK Hiring on Hold

Questions about the legality of Bellevue’s (OH) part-time fire contract have interrupted plans to hire full-time firefighters, reports Tulsa World-Herald.

The city and union for Bellevue’s part-time firefighters say the contract is legal and they want to abide by it. But an independent commission that oversees testing for firefighter applicants says the contract is illegal and refuses to operate under its provisions.

No matter what the city does, it could end up in court.

The union has threatened to sue if Bellevue doesn’t enforce the contract, and the county attorney said he would take action if the city breaks the law.

The city, the Bellevue Professional Firefighters Association and the Bellevue Civil Service Commission are trying to work out the problem before it comes to that.

Meanwhile, Bellevue’s fire chief is warning that the department’s staffing is dangerously low.

“There are people’s lives that could hang in the balance in the future,” Chief Perry Guido said.

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