“Quick Call for Help Important in Radford, Va., Fire”

Quick Call for Help Important in Radford, Va., Fire

Quick action by local firemen, plus a quick response from neighboring communities, knocked down a fire in the Western Auto Associated Store that threatened the entire downtown section of Radford, Va. The first alarm hit in at 8:33 p.m. on December 29, 1961, and within six minutes aid was summoned from the neighboring town of Fairlawn which sent a pumper.

The fire started in die Western Auto supply store, completely gutting it; and extended to parts of an upstairs beauty shop, and an apartment, with damage estimated at $25,000. Attack on the fire was from front and rear, and made in bitter cold weather. Before the fire was brought under control, Chief Walter W. Carden, requested additional help from the town of Christiansburg, and the Radford Ordnance plant. In all, three pumpers and one ladder truck were used in the operation, and three pumpers were on stand-by. Chief Carden believes that a lack of any appreciable wind, and the quick response from other departments were considerable factors in saving the adjoining buildings.

Radford and Fairlawn firemen fight the Western Auto Associated Store fire from an alley behind the store

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