“Quick-out” Fire Extinguisher

“Quick-out” Fire Extinguisher

The Crescent Manufacturing Company, of New York, is receiving many orders for the “Quickout” fire extinguisher. As proof of its value the company offers the following:

“To WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is to certify that at the request of the Crescent Manufacturing Company, I have made a trial test of the Ouickout fire extinguisher manufactured by them, and can cheerfully recommend this article to the public. When one has become familiar with the use of chemicals in fire extinction and sees the amount of damage they save by doing away with the use of so much water, they will appreciate the value of an extinguisher in the form of a dry powder that is absolutely harmless to everything except fire. This powder being used at the proper time would save many a great loss. It is with much satisfaction that I can recommend the Quickout fire extinguisher to anyone desiring fire protection at a small expense. “Yours very truly,


“Ex-Chief of the Fire Dept., City of New York.”

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