Quick Work at Lowell.

Quick Work at Lowell.

At the Firemen’s annual parade in Lowell, Mass., last week, there was a trial between Steamers in going 300 yards, with a span of horses attached, in getting up 50 pounds of steam ; also in getting first water through 100 feet of hose after the start to the run. The following was the result:

Steamer 1—Steam, 8.12; water, 8.27.

Steamer 2—Steam, 7.19; water, 7.25.

Steamer 3—Steam, 8.30; water, 8-35 1/2.

Hook and Ladder Company—Ran with horse, 300 yards, and raised an extension Bangor ladder in 1.50; a member of the Company ascended in a. 15 from the start, and the ladder was returned to the Truck in 3.37 from the start.

The following was the time occupied by the Hose Companies in running 300 yards, attaching to hydrant and playing through 100 feet Of hose unreeled from the Hose Carriage, and through a nozzle adjusted at the finish; also the time from the start to reeling of the hose again :

Steamer 1 (two horses)—First water, 1.17; finish, 4.4 1/2.

Steamer 2 (two horses)—First water, 1.20 ; finish, 2.22.

Steamer 3 (two horses)—First water, 1.45 ; finish, 2.35 1/2.

Hose 4 (one horse)—First water, 1.28; finish, 3.23 1/2.

Hose 5 (hand hose)—First water. 2.21; finish, 359.

Hose 6 (hand hose)—First water, 1.55 ; finish, 3.

Hose 7 (hand hose)—First water, 1.55; finish, 3.26 3/4.

Hose 8 (hand hose)—First water, 1.52; finish, 3.03.

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